Sonja Morgan Says She Dated Eric Clapton

There is really so much to love about Sonja Morgan. The Real Housewives of New York star has been a bright light since she joined the cast in Season 3. And ever since then, she’s been trying to sell her townhouse, breaking down about her long-ago divorce and forming a beautiful bond with Marley the poodle. She’s the straw that stirs the drink who is never afraid to say what she’s thinking, especially when it involves Ramona Singer’s antics.

Sonja is having a particularly dark season this year on RHONY. Her drinking has always been a point of contention for her and Ramona, even though all of the RHONY ladies have had one too many while the cameras were rolling. She’s looking for a steady man in her life, and newbie Eboni K. Williams is ready to help her in whatever way she can. Because we know that Ramona and Luann de Lesseps, LuMona if you will, will always prioritize their own dating lives rather than support their friend.

Sonja appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week in person for the first time in a longggg time, and it was much needed. She wore a puffy pink and feathery dress that screamed Lady Morgan. And, as always, she brought the laughs. And revealed a bit about her dating history that had even Andy Cohen speechless.

Sonja was doing a bit where Andy brought up photos of famous people and asked if Sonja had met them before. Andy asked if Sonjarita had ever met Naomi Campbell before, which led to quite the story. “Oh yes I used to date Eric Clapton, as you know,” she said. “He’s very close with Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell, so we were kind of groupies together.” Why has SONJA not written a book about her life? I need to know all the juicy deets. Must less-interesting Bravolebrities have become authors, but the only tell-alls I want need to be penned by Sonja and Kim Richards.


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Andy was literally shocked by Sonja’s response. “Hold the phone, I didn’t know that you dated Eric Clapton, Sonja?” She responded, “Yes you did, you just can’t keep track.” I have receipts — Bravo’s Daily Dish posted a story about Sonja’s dating history in 2017, and Eric Clapton did the list. Alongside the infamous Harry Dubin and Adrienne Maloof’s ex, Paul Nassif. As Sonja says herself, this girl knows how to catch a man.

Sonja mentioned that she would be on the tour bus with Robert Downey Jr., Lenny and Naomi hanging out. “We had fun,” she said, so nonchalantly. And that’s why even if she always has the same storyline, Sonja will always be Real Housewives material in my book.


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Andy doubled down that he wasn’t aware of Sonja’s history with the legendary guitar player. “I remember Jack Nicholson. I don’t remember Eric Clapton,” Andy said. Sonja chalked it up to the fact that Eric has yet to appear on the show “yet,” which tickled Andy. Maybe he’s still in the running to be her long sought after Mr. Right. We need a BravoCon panel where Sonja interviews all the men that have been in her life. There’s so much to unpack with that.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]