Sonja Morgan Denies Being “Too Lit” At Eboni K. Williams’ Election Party On Real Housewives Of New York

Throughout Sonja Morgan’s decade+ on the Real Housewives of New York, she’s shown she really is the straw that stirs the drink. Sonjarita is the life of the party — whether she’s dancing on a (glass) table in front of Ramona Singer’s 50 best girlfriends or jumping naked in the pool with Leah McSweeney and Tinsley Mortimer. She knows how to let loose, have fun and not care what people think. And while it (and Sonja in general) are a gift, sometimes it doesn’t always work out for Sonja with a Sexy J.

Sonjarita has had a rough past with alcohol. But let’s be honest — most of the RHONY ladies have fallen victim to having a few too many and making dumb mistakes. Sonja doesn’t always make the best decisions when she’s drinking, and the Ramonacoaster is quick to call it out, publically I might add, when she falls off the wagon. It’s why I’m happy to see Eboni K. Williams taking Sonja under her wing — she needs a good friend who won’t ditch her for a date. Or shame her for her past *cough cough* Luann de Lesseps.

This season has been a bit dark for Sonja. It’s obvious the pandemic woes and general trials and tribulations of life got to her this season. She’s still stuck with her townhouse and all its problems. Sonjarita is embarking on new business ventures, which unfortunately do not include a toaster oven YET. And she’s looking for Mr. Right. But she’s also clashed with Ramona over her drinking, as always, after a blow-up involving Wells Fargo and the Morgan-owned Chase Bank. And it wasn’t the first time she got fired up over someone dissing the Morgan name.

Sonja appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week with Leah and it was the serotonin boost I needed. She talked about Ramona, her old boyfriends and everything in between. And one fan asked if she thought that she got “too lit” at Eboni’s election party, as well as what her thoughts are about Lu’s response to her drinking now that she’s Leah’s sober buddy.

Sonjarita just shook her head. “Listen, Luann when she’s not drinking, nobody else can drink,” Sonja said. When she is drinking, she tells me to drink.” Leah subtly nodded in agreement, and she’s also sober. She even chimed in that Sonja’s “never too lit” because she knows that Lady Morgan is the life of the party. And Luann has shamed Sonja for her drinking in the past. She called it “tone deaf” for her to bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift when Lu was sober the first time. Yes, not the best move, but I don’t think Sonja was intentionally trying to be malicious. I commend her for standing up for herself.


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“No I wasn’t too lit, and Eboni and Leah knew I wasn’t too lit,” Sonja continued. “I’m always lit when I’m with my girlfriends, I always have a good time.” Now that’s for sure. My dream in life is to be invited to a party at Sonja’s townhouse with all her interns. I would pay good money for that experience.

Leah continued to back up her co-star. “That was a very stressful night. I thought you were behaved very well,” she said. And that’s the truth. Weren’t we all a little too lit when the election cycle from hell came to a dragged-out, dramatic closing. It makes me want to pull a Sonja and drink a rose with Coca-Cola just thinking back to it.


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