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Erika Jayne Served With Subpoenas In 2020 And Failed To Appear In Court; Further Evidence She Knew Of Tom Girardi’s Legal Issues

If you’re waiting for any fleeting speck of evidence absolving Erika Jayne from the alleged embezzlement claims against she and Tom Girardi, your wait continues. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Erika’s Victim Unit is underway and it’s coming with a lot of baggage attached. Most of the baggage is now going for the best offer bid on eBay, but we’re here nonetheless.

As you know, Erika claims she had zero knowledge of Tom’s wrongdoings. Didn’t know about the Lion Air crash mess. Didn’t know about the man who was burned and got duped. But somehow she knew about Tom’s former mistress… While EJ dares anyone to challenge her, there are plenty of folks who are ready and willing to rise to the occasion. It looks like two truths and a lie are three lies and a joke because now we find out Erika was previously subpoenaed in Tom’s fraud cases. We’ll call the following timeline, Exhibit: A.

Instagram account Bravobonecollector has done the Lord’s work by doing exactly what their name implies. Recently, a handy dandy timeline of events emerged which calls Erika’s repeated denials into question. Thanks to something people don’t normally think of, like public records, it is easier nowadays to catch someone who might be lying through their teeth confused.

With the caption, “Where were you on October 22, 2020? xx”, we begin the journey into Erika’s distorted memory. But DEFINITELY NOT pretend amnesia. In May 2020, Erika was served papers in-person by a representative of the court. A slide reads, “Erika knew that Joe Ruigomez was owed $11 million because she was served twice (IN PERSON) starting in May 2020 to appear in court and to produce documents for judge.” Mr. Ruigomez was the man burned over 90% of his body from an explosion who never received settlement money from Tom. In May 2020, Season 10 was airing and we were watching Denise Richards get treated like trash for not “being honest”.


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Darn those pesky paper trails! Erika was also served on September 28, 2020 and ordered to appear in court on October 22. The fine print of the document says, “YOU ARE ORDERED TO APPEAR personally before this court” a box was checked indicating Erika was to “furnish information to aid in enforcement of a money judgement against you”. But, but, I thought she had no idea?!?! She must have had some idea because girlfriend made herself scarce.

On the October 22 court date, Erika failed to appear because she was “out of town”. The Lake Tahoe trip during the production of Season 11 was apparently from Oct. 26 through Oct. 30. Filming was done at Kyle Richards’ house on October 18 and Dorit Kemsley’s fancy BBQ was on October 24. There is no indication of where Erika was on October 22. Fun fact, Erika’s “clubhouse” was listed for rent on October 22 for the low, low price of $6995 a month. What a steal, no pun intended.


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After Erika’s missed court appearance, she did find the time to pop back up and file to end her marriage on November 3. Coincidence? Since people don’t randomly come to your house with legal papers for no reason, Erika must have known something was amiss. Yet EJ chose to move forward with filming Season 11 and show off her diamonds and furs, piles of expensive clothes from Wet Seal, and have the audacity to claim ignorance. While Erika continues to play lie, lie, ’til you die, her excuses are tick, tick, ticking like a timebomb and that fuse is getting pretty short.


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