Explosion Victim Files Documents To Sue Erika Jayne; Asks Court Not To Discharge $11.5 Million Settlement He Should Have Received From Tom Girardi

Erika “What If She Didn’t Know” Jayne has reached heights of fame she probably never imagined. Seeing her name splashed all over magazines, the world wide web, and social media was something she dreamt about. Everyone is talking about her and that’s exactly what she’s always wanted. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills provides a platform for Erika, who might not have known then, but definitely knows now, to unashamedly display her wealth. Because let’s face it, that’s basically the gig.

Unfortunately, much of the riches she shared with estranged husband Tom Girardi appears to be the result of ill-gotten gains. Money stolen from people who went to Tom for help in a crisis situation, money victims fairly won in a court of law. The trustee in charge of Tom’s bankruptcy case worked out a deal with one of the people sacrificed to fund a shitty record label, and now the man who was burned over 90% of his body wants a piece of Erika.

One of Tom’s former clients, Joseph Ruigomez, was shafted out of an enormous amount of money and has an incredibly difficult story. In September 2010, a PG&E natural gas pipeline ruptured in California. The explosion killed 8 people, including Joe’s girlfriend. After his neighborhood was blown off the map, Joseph survived but received burns over 90% of his body. As he looked to a future consumed with physical suffering and medical bills, he retained Tom to help him fight Pacific Gas & Electric. Tom won Joseph’s case and received an $11.5 million settlement that Joe never saw.

Tom advised Joseph’s family he would “invest” the money for them, and he totally did, but the “investment” allegedly went towards fueling up private jets to haul Erika and her paid friends to various gay clubs so she could lip sync under confetti cannons. Joseph filed a lawsuit asking the court not to wipe the $11.5 million from Tom’s case. He believes the debt should be paid despite Tom’s forced bankruptcy. Now, according to Radar Online, Joseph has filed documents to go after Erika directly.


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Joseph’s attorney said, “Each and every day that Erika is not examined under penalty of perjury as to the whereabouts of the Debtor’s assets, creditors of the Debtor’s estate are potentially harmed due to her braggadocious and lavish lifestyle that she flaunts before the public.” Side-note, everyone use “braggadocious” in a sentence today because that was amazing. Joseph believes Tom “may have transferred his money to Jayne to help fund their lifestyle”. The submitted motion requests the court to allow him to target Erika in hopes of getting some money back.

On the bright side, EJ was successful in getting everyone to believe it’s XXpen$ive to be her. No doubt being so BRAGGADOCIOUS on a television show only added to the eleganza and mystery surrounding the theory her musical efforts were in any way profitable. As we await the judge’s decision on Joseph’s request, Erika continues to deny knowledge of Tom’s criminal accounting and has subsequently furthered her pursuit in the performing arts as a master thespian. You have to hand it to her, she has acted more on the current season of RHOBH than the entire 20 years of acting like she loves Tom.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]