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Sonja Morgan Claims She Hooked Up With Ryan Serhant From Million Dollar Listing Back In The Day

One of the gifts that keeps on giving is Ms. Sonja Tremont Morgan. Her star shines bright on Real Housewives of New York and no amount of vodka or bad news can dull her sparkle. Sonja kind of lives on a pink cloud of delusion dogs, rambling stories, and blasts from the past.

Sonja regales her friends with legendary tales of Gstaad and tripping the light fantastic on Diddy’s yacht. Who can forget her close and personal friendship with the likes of JFK Jr. and Madonna? Hell, she probably wrote Like A Virgin and demanded Madge take the credit. Then we have Lady Morgan’s love life. Viewers know there was a Dubin and D ‘Agostino. A Frenchie, a Rocco, and some shirtless artist dude named Bryan. And now Sonja reminds us there was also once a Serhant.

Bless Sonja and someone please start watering down her drinks. When Sonja is sober, she is a breath of fresh air with an amazing voice of reason. Unfortunately Sonja isn’t filmed sober very often because Bravo prefers to show her falling out of chairs or disappearing under tables. This is a woman who has lived life in the fast lane and has the receipts (somewhere) to prove it. From Frank Sinatra to Eric Clapton, Son has done things even Jacqueline Susann wouldn’t put into words. She’s also enjoyed dalliances with a Bravolebrity or five.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Sonja with a sexy J appeared with everyone’s favorite, Leah McSweeney. As Leah sat by quietly and observed, said no one ever, Andy Cohen put Sonja through a series of rigorous romantic tests in an effort to discover who she finds more datable. TL;DR, Sonja pretty much finds everyone datable, but that’s not the point. Ryan Serhant’s pic popped up and Sonja reminded viewers about this particular blast from the past.

Naturally WWHL shared the clip to Twitter. Sonja told Andy, “I dated Ryan before.” Fun Fact: Reality Tea reported on this back in the Stone Ages of 2012. Obviously it was prior to Ryan’s fame, marriage, and adorable child coming along. Son revealed she went to a “humanity” event with Ryan so she thought she should show some “humanity” and kiss him. Andy is on the edge of his seat at this point.


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Leah was… being Leah and interjected something Andy completely disregarded because it wasn’t about Sonja possibly banging the hot guy from Million Dollar Listing New York. Sonja added, “We went on other dates…” Always looking out for the betterment of others, Sonja said, “He [Ryan] was a newbie, he didn’t know how dangerous it was”. Not to go out on a limb here, but perhaps Ryan would not be the success he is today had it not been for his brief time in Sonja’s very educational presence.

Stay tuned to see what other skeletons fall out of Sonja’s closet. Mario Singer, you in there buddy? While Sonja is currently single and ready to mingle, we’ll always have memories of smokey eyes in Gstaad, Prince Albert of Monaco avoiding her calls, and being Ryan’s first million dollar listing.


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