Erika Jayne Praised Tom Girardi 5 Days Before Filing For Divorce

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are in luck this season because most people are watching and waiting for Erika Jayne’s potential downfall. While many, make that most, of our Housewives are no stranger to the legal system, Erika and Tom Girardi’s fall from grace has been by far the most unsettling. They didn’t just forget to pay taxes or forge signatures on mortgage loans, Tom allegedly did some very nasty things to some very needy clients.

As a result, Tom lost his job and his reputation. Erika lost her main check, and her nonchalant attitude in the wake of people’s suffering has not won her any fans. Now we’re watching the beginning of the end play out on RHOBH and we have some pretty specific timelines to go by. Erika filed for divorce in November 2020 and implied it was due to Big Tommy’s wandering eye – but technology and the fact that she’s on a tv show is putting holes in that theory.

Last night’s episode gave us a myriad of scenarios. We had Kathy Hilton rejecting morning light and trying to blind herself with ear drops. God bless Kathy, I’m not sure she knows where she is half the time but her give no fucks attitude is quite amusing. Sutton Stracke revealed randomly waving to no one is how she combats feelings of anxiety, she also has an affinity for $2000 dead dog slippers. Lisa Rinna is staying suspiciously under the radar, for now. And then we have Erika.

In the preview for next week’s show, viewers see what appears to be the cast reacting to news of Erika filing for divorce from Big Tommy. Shock and awe ensue because, gasp, Erika had not mentioned the slightest problem with Tom. Other than his recent addiction to Morton’s take out, where an 8 oz. center cut filet mignon will run you about 45 bones. In fact, Erika had just praised her relationship with Tom while in Lake Tahoe. According to HollywoodLife, a mere 5 days before submitting documents to end her marriage, Erika seemed to be… unbothered.


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Per the article, “This week’s episode was filmed on Oct. 29, so we thought it was super interesting when Erika gushed about Tom while chatting with the ladies on the balcony of their luxurious rental home.” During a heartwarming kiki, Erika said, “I’m easy going — believe it or not. I’m really content to let people be who they are because I like to be myself.” Then Erika paid Tom a loving compliment, “That’s one of the things I love about Tom the most is he lets me be myself.” Which self? Erika Jayne? Erika Chahoy? Prisoner #8675309? All of the above?

Is Erika kicking herself in hindsight for filming this season? Maybe. The show is now being watched by appointed counsel to transcribe everything she says. No word on whether or not someone on production at Evolution is also working with the prosecution. This saga is far from over and looks to be kicking into high gear next week (pause as Sutton breathes a sigh of relief). Erika came to California filled with high hopes of being an actress. After years of waiting for her ship to come in, turns out her boat might be the Titanic.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]