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Sutton Stracke Says That Being With The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Was “Awkward”At The People’s Choice Awards

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was, at times, dark and intense. Drama queen Lisa Rinna came for Sutton Stracke repeatedly. Sutton thought that Rinna was lashing out because of the grief from losing her mother, Lois Rinna.

Rinna claimed that RHOBH co-star Kyle Richard’s sister, Friend of the Housewives Kathy Hilton, allegedly had a meltdown in Aspen. During this breakdown, Kathy burned not only Kyle, but her co-stars, too.

Of course, Kyle and Kathy’s relationship has been rocky at times. Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, said that the sisters haven’t mended their relationship yet.

During the anxiety-provoking Season 12 reunion, Rinna called Kathy “the devil.” Kathy fired back and called Rinna “the biggest bully in Hollywood.”

Sutton didn’t agree with Kathy’s demand that Erika Jayne and Rinna depart the show, or she won’t return. There may not be any box fans in our RHOBH future.

And the boutique owner wasn’t pleased by Rinna’s outrageous behavior. “I don’t think it’s doing anybody any justice,” Sutton remarked. “I think it’s only hurting everybody, and I think it makes us all look bad.” Truth!

Sutton wasn’t holding back when she told Page Six that being with her Beverly Hills co-stars at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards was tricky. “If you can think about the most awkward family Thanksgiving dinner — just ramp it up a hundred times,” Sutton explained. “It was the most awkward dinner ever. It was like gritting our teeth awkward,” she added.

Apparently, the seating arrangements caused some discomfort. “They told us where to sit,” Sutton stated, referring to “the people at E!” She added, “They just seated us. I didn’t choose my seat.” For Sutton’s sake, I hope there was a place card.

She had the honor of sitting next to Rinna. And Rinna was seated next to Kathy. Erika was on Kathy’s other side, with Crystal Kung Minkoff seated to Erika’s left. The people who arranged this table were shady! Diana Jenkins didn’t attend because she is pregnant. Lucky Garcelle Beauvais missed the event because of a work commitment.

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Sutton said that she and Rinna did talk “a little” during the party. “So, sometimes, one of us can say something funny, and we laugh because we feel awkward. It’s like, ‘Somebody just say something,’” Sutton commented.

Rinna took an Instagram video of the group at their table looking uncomfortable. “This is so f–king awkward, and I love it,” Rinna remarked. Real Housewives Ranked! posted the video on Twitter.

Sutton also weighed in on Kathy freshening up her lip gloss while Law & Order: Special Victims actress Mariska Hargitay accepted her award for Best Drama TV Star. “I didn’t see it in the moment because I was far away,” Sutton stated. “Then I saw it go viral with Kathy applying her lip gloss. I think she thought that the camera was not on her,” Sutton added. Oof. What a blunder!


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