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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Reunion Trailer Drops

Season 7 of Real Housewives of Potomac has drawn to a close. Let’s get to all the drama that we will see during the three-part reunion.

Entertainment Tonight shared all the details. Host Andy Cohen sat down with the RHOP cast to dissect the somewhat unsatisfying season.

Andy kicked off the discussion by mentioning that Gizelle Bryant is dating Winter House star Jason Cameron. Ashley Darby was dating another man from the same show—Luke Gulbranson. The duo has already split up.

Ashley disclosed an update on her divorce which is…concerning. Andy quizzed her about the status of a prenuptial agreement that Ashley renegotiated with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael Darby. “It really just did not work out in my favor,” Ashley admitted.

We don’t know all the details yet, but both Gizelle and Wendy Osefo were shocked. It sounds like Ashley won’t be receiving alimony. “Dang, Ashley! Why you sign that?!” Wendy exclaimed. I second that.

Mia Thornton’s former bestie, Jacqueline Blake, set out to slam her former friend. She claimed that Mia wasn’t a CEO and that her chiropractor business is falling apart.

When Mia’s husband, Gordon Thornton, took the stage, Andy just had to go there. He asked Gordon if he ever had a sexual liaison with Jacqueline. “There was never any penetration,” he responded. Wow.

Andy read a fan question about Gizelle’s history of targeting her co-stars’ husbands as her storyline. Candiace Dillard Bassett’s husband, Chris Bassett, was in Gizelle’s sights this season. She claimed that he made her feel “uncomfortable” at last year’s reunion.

“You use this show to lie on people because you have nothing else going on,” Candiace claimed. “How did I lie on Chris?” Gizelle asked.

He was also accused of flirting with Mia and with Ashley’s friend, Deborah Williams. Thanks to production, flashbacks of footage show that Chris didn’t flirt with either of the ladies.

When Chris took the stage, he was ready for Gizelle. “What did I do?” Chris yelled. “I’ve suffered through this for 10 months, losing clients, losing money, answering to my family!”

Then the trailer addressed some other relationship rumors. Andy asked Grande Dame Karen Huger and her husband Ray Huger about Karen dating a man dubbed “Blue Eyes.” Ray told Andy, “We don’t need to go there.” Karen’s enemy Charrisse Jackson Jordan hinted that she has more of Karen’s secrets to spill.

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Karen claimed that she “has witnesses” that saw Robyn Dixon’s man, Juan Dixon, openly cheating on Robyn. And with a woman who looks like Karen.

Robyn and Juan denied that he cheated while filming RHOP. But Robyn recently shared on her podcast that there had been some recent infidelity in their relationship. We don’t know if this green-eyed bandit, who recently remarried Juan, will address the issue during the reunion. It is a letdown that this info emerged after filming had wrapped.

Next, Mia and Wendy argued over Peter Thomas again. Why? Mia revealed that she has a receipt proving that Wendy gave Peter “the cookie.” Wendy exclaimed, “You were f**king for lobster!”

Andy reminded the genteel ladies that “forever FLOTUS” Michelle Obama could be watching. Candiace quipped, “She’s turned the channel.”

That is probably the sentiment of many RHOP viewers after Robyn lied about Juan’s recent infidelity.

Check out the reunion trailer below.


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