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Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Tamra Judge Implies Co-Star “Does Not Treat Production Well”

Orange County is getting a bit of its most potent dose of citric acid back this season. Tamra Judge is returning to Real Housewives of Orange County and she’s already shaking things up. She’s joined by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Taylor Armstrong, making her debut on the show. Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador will return for another shot at attempting to maintain their composure. And finally, the Universe shined down once again on Emily Simpson and Gina Kirshenheiter, who are back for the ride.

In an effort to reduce a possible casserole shortage, Vicki Gunvalson was thrown a bone and will be filming a few scenes as well. This is quite a group of characters. We’ve all seen them lose their normal, dignified personas amid drama during production, but Tammy Sue says one lady, in particular, is being a real human version of a headache.

Tamra didn’t name names but she spilled some generic details on an episode of Two Ts In A Pod. Heavy. has the details. She wasted no time picking up her favorite spoon and getting her stirring muscles back in prime condition. “I’m not going to name somebody but I will say that we have one on our cast right now that does not treat production well,” Tamra said.

Her co-star, John Mellencamp’s daughter, asked if the culprit is “the one we would assume by what we watched the season you weren’t on.” Tamra replied, “Yes.” Well, thanks for a whole lot of nothing, ladies!

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I’m guessing they’re trying to clock Heather after rumors circulated in Season 16 she got handsy with members of production. Noella Bergener helped spread those rumors. In June 2022, Tamra was on Jeff Lewis Live and told Jeff Lewis there’s a lot of rumors” surrounding Heather’s party during episode 2. It’s also worth noting Heather and Noella didn’t get along, so who knows what the truth is?

Tamra skipped leg day and went straight to hammer curls to keep that pot-stirring arm in shape. She said, “Noella tried to talk about it and she was shut down pretty quickly.” Heather denied the accusation at the time, but now it helps Tamra’s cryptic accusation. She said, “I think where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Tamra added she’s “never known Heather to be physical.” The idea of Heather reducing herself to violence negates everything we’ve seen from this woman. Allow me to remind you it takes both energy and emotion to act violently. I’m not entirely sure Heather has the ability to emote. Also, raise your hand if you think for one moment Heather would jeopardize a nail, or god forbid any type of preventative facial maintenance to roughhouse with a crew member.

“I’ve never seen that side of her so and then when Noella mentioned it and nobody else supported her it makes you wonder did it really happen,” Tamra shared. No complaint about Heather would be complete without genius Kelly Dodd chiming in. Because we all know she is a warehouse of reliable information. She called into Jeff’s show to celebrate the Heather bashing with her own tidbit.

Kelly claimed a former RHOC producer allegedly told her, along with Tammy Sue and Shannon, that “Heather Dubrow did push him.” Tamra co-signed the allegation and said she advised the producer to keep the info on the low or his job security would be shaky. The producer was ultimately fired and they all think Heather is the reason why.

“He got fired, he thinks [Heather is] the reason why. And I told him, ‘you know, it’s just best if you don’t talk about it publicly because it’s going to affect your career with Bravo,’” Tamra said. So is Heather a secret mafia Don now? This is a lot.

Many thanks to Tamra and Meg Ryan’s ex-boyfriend’s daughter for such an informative podcast! We learned Heather may or may not be an Orange County enforcer and we learned Tamra is primed and ready to go. It’s nice to know that while CUT Fitness may be closed, Tamra’s pot-stirring arm remains in great shape.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]