Kristen Doute Says Scheana Marie Plays The Victim, Katie Maloney Does Not Have A Drinking Problem, & Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Are Meant To Be

Am I the only one who loves Kristen Doute this season on Vanderpump Rules? She has calmed down, but not too much to the point where she’s boring. I assume a lot of that has to do with her relationship with Brian Carter who I wish was a bigger part of the show. Even though she is (relatively) reformed from her previous Crazy Kristen persona, Kristen is still very open when it comes to talking about Pump Rules.

Kristen addresses those mean girl accusations about Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder against Scheana Marie Shay. She defends Katie against the Tequila Katie alter ego. And believe it or not, she says some good things about Tom Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix. Then she called out Ariana for being fake and shit on Sandoval‘s jokes during Jax Taylor’s roast.


Kristen and Carter talked all things Vanderpump Rules in an amazingly dishy interview on the Pump Rules Podcast.

Kristen calls out Scheana for playing a victim. Kristen explained how she felt slighted during a recent episode when Scheana confided in Ariana. “It hurt my feelings when she was at Tom Sandoval‘s birthday party and they did that split screen. She said that Ariana was the only one who had been there for her and Shay and mine and Carter’s jaws dropped to the floor. I thought Carter and I were the only ones there for you to be honest.”

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It didn’t seem like Scheana and Ariana were super close at that point when the episode aired, so I was caught off guard too.

Not only did Kristen and Carter reveal that they went on a couples vacation together and were really close with Scheana and Mike Shay over the summer, Carter even shared that Kristen grocery shopped and cooked for Scheana right after the split was announced. Say what you want about Kristen, but she does seem like the best friend in this cast. You know, minus the sleeping with Jax while he was dating Stassi thing.

But anyway, Kristen said, “In the summer time when she was saying this stuff – when I saw her on TV saying to Ariana that no one was there for her and that Katie, Stassi, and I are this like evil trio or some shit – the thing with Scheana is that we tried. For Scheana to say that we didn’t try, it’s just like no – we tried to the point where we couldn’t give everyone else in our lives attention. And there’s a point where you get to when you’re like enough is enough. That’s how I feel.”

One of the podcast hosts mentioned that Scheana was playing the victim card and Kristen hilariously responded by saying, “I used to pull that shit and no one allowed me to do it. I tried to do that in Season 2 when Sandoval and I were on the rocks and about to break up and Katie and Stassi dropped me.”

And this is why I love Kristen. She may do messed up stuff, but she always owns it.

Kristen had even more to say about Scheana‘s constantly shifting views of the clique. “Stop changing your ‘best friends’ like you change your damn underwear. It’s fine. I have a lot of great friends, it’s not like one person ‘trumps the other’ if you will.”

Kristen talked about a discussion she had with Scheana and recalled that she said, “You post all these photos with Ariana and Brittany [Cartwright] and you never back up any of us [like] when Stassi had a really bad time a few weeks back, she was posting some stuff on Twitter. You never support me, Katie, or Stassi, but you’re always asking for our support and it really hurts my feelings.”

Kristen also had a very interesting interpretation of Scheana‘s issues as a bridesmaid during Katie‘s wedding events, like when she complained to Katie about the cost of the bridal shower. Kristen came out guns blazing: “I think you’re mad that Katie‘s engagement and marriage was a ‘bigger deal’ than yours was, but you jumped the gun.”

Kristen theorized, “She did it on an earlier season. Our show is more popular on a later season, so Katie‘s engagement/marriage is more popular. Maybe she’s jealous or angry about it, but Katie and Tom didn’t do it for the f–king show. They’ve been together for six years.” Plus, Schwartz is a cast member on the show and Shay just appeared here and there, so obviously this was going to get more screen time.

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Another person associated with being a “victim” of the mean girls trio is Lala Kent – Pump Rules enemy number one at this point. Kristen made it clear that the squad is very “no new friends” when she admitted, “You try to own this show that you’ve been on for five seconds that we’ve worked so hard on – so so hard.”

The podcast host cut in and said, “You guys bleed out for it,” and Kristen agreed by saying, “Every one of us.”

Then Kristen got in a dig at Ariana (of course). “I think the original six plus Schwartz – because Schwartz wasn’t really given a credit Season 1, but he worked just as hard as we did. I think Ariana was a damn coward for not joining when she knew why she didn’t want to join, but I’ll even hand it to her the last couple of seasons. She still puts in the work. I don’t think she’s very real all the time as much as the rest of us, but she does put in the work. So I’ll hand it to every one of us that does put in the work.”

I’m sure it’s exhausting to be “on” in front of the cameras all the time, but aren’t they just (supposedly) living their lives? I ask while trying not to laugh.

Kristen followed that up by making this very surprising comment about Ariana and Tom‘s relationship: “They’re super happy now. I believe that they are meant to be.” And in all honesty it seemed like a very sincere compliment from Kristen.

As much as everyone in the cast gets off on hating Lala, the person who seems to be taking the biggest hit from the fans this season is Katie. Everyone has something to say about Katie, from her wedding planning antics to her new role as the clique leader to her infamously brutal drunk texts. Some people are even saying that Katie has a drinking problem. Kristen immediately dismissed those claims about Katie and actually got a dig in at Tom Schwartz when she said, “This whole Tequila Katie shit. This summer was the summer of Tequila Tom. I can’t wait for when New Orleans airs.”

Kristen also stated, “Don’t get me started. Katie does not have a drinking problem. Katie has a problem when she gets really drunk, as well as I do, as well as Stassi does, as well as Scheana does, as well as Brittany, Jax, Tom Schwartz, Sandoval. Katie drinks far less than eighty percent of the cast.”

Yeah, but everyone else is usually nicer and more entertaining when they’re wasted. Still, I see her point. I don’t actually think Katie is an alcoholic, but she should probably be stay away from drinking when she’s feeling emotional. Kristen explained, “If she’s upset about something prior to drinking and she drinks, she sometimes gets more upset which happens to a lot of us.”

Kristen addressed her boyfriend Carter when she said, “I know you feel like Katie is a mean drunk, but she doesn’t have a drinking problem.” Carter said, “She’s not nice” and I could not help laughing out loud. Carter also said, “I wouldn’t say she’s an alcoholic.” Kristen justified Katie’s antics by saying, “Katie just gets fixated and stubborn, that’s really what it is. It has nothing to do with alcohol.”

Kristen tackled the perception that Katie has recently “found her voice” and has changed significantly since the show first started. “In seasons one and two, I feel like she was silenced by producers or editors or whatever it was. Maybe there were just stronger story lines, but they always made Katie look like this side piece, like Stassi‘s minion, her puppet. It blew my mind because Katie and I had the same haircut so Katie and I were like Stassi’s two little minions and I’m just like Katie is not silent or short of opinions. She didn’t just like suddenly gain an opinion.”

Unfortunately for Katie, the editing is not in her favor this season and the fans are not responding well to that at all.

Onto a relatively lighter topic, Kristen discussed the roast that she hosted for Jax‘s birthday, which was my favorite episode of the season. I wish that the roast was available to watch in its entirety. I know that were some good gems in there. Kristen (who was pretty hilarious from what I saw) admitted, “I had some writers, I’m not gonna lie.”

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About the roast, Kristen also said that Stassi was funny and surprisingly enough gave Ariana some credit for being funny. Still, she didn’t pass up the chance to shit on Sandoval. Kristen said, “Everyone was really funny except for Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz: they came really hard for Jax.”

Isn’t that the point of a roast? Apparently Kristen‘s issue wasn’t solely based on the content. What she really had a problem with was what she perceived to be a lack of creativity.

Kristen explained, “What I was yelling at Sandoval about was when you’re talking about cocaine, just be creative. There’s a way to be creative without being hurtful. I think Tom and Tom failed in my opinion. It was so basic to go there. Not creative at all.” Well, at least the parts about coke didn’t make the show, but that is exactly the kind of extra content that I would LOVE to see.


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