Katie Maloney & Kristen Doute - Vanderpump Rules

One might say Kristen Doute is unlucky in love. During her tenure on Vanderpump Rules, viewers watched Kristen cheat on long-term boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. She moved on with James Kennedy.After her saga with James ended, she briefly shagged Aleks Taldykin from Below Deck. When Kristen finally met Brian Carter on a dating app, love blossomed and the two began their journey of romance.

Not all relationships are meant to last. Especially in Kristen’s case. As she watched her friends get married and move into multi-million dollar homes, her love affair with Carter began to crumble. Relationship experts Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney advised Kristen to leave Carter because he was basically living off of Kristen’s paycheck. Viewers had hoped Kristen found her happily ever after, but it wasn’t to be. Now there is new evidence Kristen and Carter haven’t stopped banging have reignited the flames of desire, making the dating world a safer place to be once again.

Poor Kristen, she just can’t catch a break. By all accounts, Carter has been her best relationship thus far. He actually seemed to have a calming influence on her crazy. Kristen has issues of not being able to let go of ex-boyfriends. And her mean streak doesn’t sit well with whomever she is currently dating. Despite all of this, Carter really seemed to love the former SUR waitress, but maybe he really loved having a free ride.

During the Season 7 reunion, Kristen admitted she and Carter were dunzo. After multiple complaints to friends Katie and Stassi, which resulted in a few disagreements within the coven, Carter and Kristen went their separate ways. But not really.

She has previously commented that she would like to mend the relationship with Carter, while not exactly dating. Uh-huh, that sounds about right. Well, she might have gotten lucky after all.

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Us Weekly has shared an interesting tidbit. Both Kristen and Carter attended the royal wedding of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Thanks to an Instagram Stories clip Kristen shared, we hear Carter call her a nickname as he jokes about her messy hair. “Oh my God, there’s a bird in here, babe,” he says. BABE! Do you call your former significant other BABE? Well, I mean yes if you have problems remembering names, but most likely that is not the case here. Most likely.

The couple never actually stopped living together. What? Kristen ignored the sage advice from Stassi and Katie? But why? Isn’t Katie the poster child for a perfect marriage? And Stassi, why there is nothing but smooth sailing since she started dating Beau Clark. Why would Kristen deviate from their wise words? Also, I’m being sarcastic…

On their living arrangement, Kristen said during the Pump Rules reunion, “Our dog got mauled by a pit bull,” she explained. “I needed him. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I needed him. We don’t sleep in the same bed every night. We’ve had sex twice. I’m sorry it doesn’t work for everyone on this f–king stage, but it’s working for me.” Listen, after what fans have seen on this show, no one is really able to shame Kristen because she stayed with her boyfriend.

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In the same month, a source told Us Weekly that Kristen and Carter “are both technically single, but they haven’t ruled out getting back together and are working through things.” As of June 2019, Kristen and Carter were still not officially back together. “We are not dating,” Kristen said at the time. “Facebook status: It’s complicated. There’s a lot of love there.” So there you have it. They are absolutely, positively not dating. But they still attend destination weddings together. They are most likely not platonic, because that’s not how Kristen rolls, even with her friends.

Let’s hope these crazy lovers can get their ducks in a row and resume their relationship. Carter reportedly started paying his way, so that’s a good start. The alternative is Carter facing the next two to three years of revenge stalking via Kristen’s obsessive detective skills. At the end of the day, anything that prevents Katie or Stassi from being able to say, “I told you so” is good in my book.


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