Erika Jayne Reacts To Fan Speculation After She Changed Her Social Media Profiles

Everyone seems exhausted from “speculating” about anything to do with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At this point, loyal fans are in a holding pattern with the current cast members. It has become a love them or hate them situation after Season 9 drama unearthed financial and legal issues. Issues people may or may not have been trying to hide… Were viewers duped into a storyline involving a defenseless animal while the real news was swept under the rug? Signs definitely seem to point in that direction.

Erika Jayne had a relatively low key season. That might be a nice way of saying, she looked bored the entire time. Erika has joined co-stars Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards in the “Honey, what should I wear to court today?” club. Her husband, Tom Girardi, has been involved in a dispute over a measly $15 million. Petty cash! Still, Erika wasn’t phased by Tom’s litigious dance, until she got her own date with a judge. But look, all the cool kids are hanging out with their legal teams, so who cares? Since the core cast has now been disintegrated thanks to #puppygate, we have two new ladies making their debut next year. Erika’s return has been up for debate, but now we finally have some answers.

Look, every loyal viewer of RHOBH is suffering from a slight case of PTSD. People will either never watch the show again, or sneak glances from around a corner and not tell anyone. Because the audience found out puppygate was a total scam smokescreen and certain cast members might have made a pact to hide info, some people lost faith in the show. To Erika’s credit, she did not fully immerse herself into the heart of the scandal. Quite frankly, it didn’t seem like she cared. And who could blame her? No one wants to spend an entire season watching Dorit’s melodramatic suffering. Even during the fabulous cast trip to France, Erika seemed… over it.

Since Bravo has yet to confirm the official cast for Season 10, rumors are running rampant. We already know Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais, both friends of Lisa Rinna, will be making their grand entrance. Obviously Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is back, because where else would she go? And with news of Queen Kyle’s (thanks again for that, Erika) clothing collection dominating NYFW with RHOBH cameras filming, there is no doubt Kyle is back. While we sit around and “watch what happens“, Erika caused a little hiccup.

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Prior to production beginning on Season 10, Erika changed the banner on her social media account. Instead of the RHOBH cast photo she once had, she switched it out for solo pics. Obviously this intentional move sparked some rumors. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erika calms any fears you might have. She said, “You change your banner art and people have a meltdown,” Erika says with a laugh. “I don’t know where that comes from, but yeah…” Um, yes she does know where that comes from, but a girl’s got to get attention somehow. Well-played, Erika.

Listen, Erika may or may not have done it on purpose. Either way, she now has reporters asking if she will come back to the show, rather than does she have $3 million in her wallet to pay her husband’s debts. So our very 3XP3N$$!Ve star will be shining again, hope she has plenty of Excedrin Migraine on hand. Erika will lead the way and take viewers to the LA County Courthouse heights of EDM fantasies. Pat the puss, y’all!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]