Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Weigh In On 50 Cent’s Drama With Lala Kent

Gather ’round everybody, we have words of wisdom to share! I doubt anyone would accuse the Vanderpump Rules cast of being Rhodes Scholars. However, we’re not watching for educational purposes. No one is going to walk away from an episode with a profound new outlook on life. Unless a viewer abstains from alcohol based on the unfortunate life choices of Kristen Doute.

Speaking of unfortunate life choices, Lala Kent recently made one when she reignited a feud with multi-talented entertainer, and my boyfriend, 50 Cent. After 50 virtually spanked Lala on social media for celebrating her status as a sugar baby gift recipient, Lala clapped back. Unfortunately for Lala and her betrothed, Randall Emmett, what followed was a harsh lesson in humiliation from Professor Cent. Now Lala’s cast members share their opinion on the latest events that have unfolded since Lala’s resurrection of a dead argument.

Lala and Randall should be thanking Fofty everyday for making them slightly interesting. In Fofty’s latest tirade against Lala, he made light of her issue with alcohol and perhaps insinuated she was a garden tool. But in my man’s defense, Lala poked a sleeping bear when she ran her mouth on Watch What Happens Live.

After implying to Andy Cohen she had “dinged” Fofty’s ego the last time Fofty took them down, the bear woke up. Pro-tip, when you come for someone and they respond, don’t cry like a newborn about it. Even if you are in your mid-30’s sucking on a baby bottle.

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Luckily, Lala has a strong moral compass of support surrounding her. Yes, I am referencing the cast of Pump Rules. Yes, I am also being sarcastic. In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, Jax Taylor speaks on the battle none of us knew we needed. “You know [50 Cent] looks stupid, he’s the one that looks dumb to be honest.” Gonna have to disagree with ‘ole Jaxy boy there. I believe Jax finds all of this incredibly amusing and knows Lala is at fault.

He followed that with, “If you read all the comments everyone’s going after him, not her. That’s how bullying is. That’s how people hurt themselves.” Oh please.

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In this instance, Fofty is petty, not a bully. There is a difference! Exhibit A: the ALLEGED agreement put in place by Fofty and his attorneys, claiming unrestricted response if either Lala or Randall discuss him again. Exhibit B: Fofty did not start this. Exhibit C: The countless times Lala has bullied people on-camera because she had nothing else going on.

Jax continued, “It’s kind of crazy actually, that a grown man is going after a 100 pound girl…a lot of people have done a lot worse to you 50 Cent.” Fofty has been shot like 15 times, do you think a man like that will allow ANYONE to harm his name?

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While Jax is correct in one thing, Fofty is a grown man. Lala is also a grown woman. A grown woman who uses a baba to go to sleep. Then Jax lamented, “And your [sic] going to go after a girl? Lies.” Honey, she ain’t no “girl”. Now let’s hear from the wife!

Brittany Cartwright shared, “[There is] no truth to [50’s comments] whatsoever. So I think that’s the worst part. Whenever somebody just straight up lies about you.” Like when your husband straight up lied that he cheated? Forgive and forget, right?

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Brittany added, “But Lala’s definitely trying to stay positive. She’s trying not to look at stuff…don’t attack somebody for something so little, I just don’t understand.” Brit should do her buddy a favor and tell her to pipe down. Again, Fofty did not bring this up!

Jax concluded, “It’s sad to see people who are trying to better themselves, people who are trying to turn a new leaf. And people still go after them. You can’t win.” Why is Jax defending someone who brought this on themselves? Oh, the PJ rides… Jax adds. “Even when you’re an a**hole, you were young and for that, you better yourself, you can’t win. You just can’t win.” Is Lala bettering herself? We’re still waiting.

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After Lala failed to produce the damning receipts she supposedly has against Fofty, will the Cauchi’s become his new target (please baby Jesus!)? One can only hope! Props to 50 for becoming the most interesting cast member Pump Rules has ever had, all from the sidelines.


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