Faith Stowers Shopping New Reality TV Show After Vanderpump Rules Drama; Wants To Be “Kinda Like A Black Lisa Vanderpump”

Vanderpump Rules didn’t make Faith Stowers famous, but honey she tried. Faith was never exactly a regular, but she did kind of swing on Lala Kent’s coattails. Unfortunately for the former waitress, it was swinging from Jax Taylor’s peen that originally got her name in the media. Hollywood has tales of the casting couch, but SUR has tales about the casting booth.

While Faith never made it #bigbybravo, she did manage to almost take down the entire show. Faith found herself the victim of a false-police report filed by geniuses Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. As a result, Stassi and Kristen saw their 15 minutes of fame and their paychecks fly out the door. Now Faith is plotting the ultimate revenge, the final straw, the ace in the hole… Pump Rules is clinging to life thanks to major cast changes and the pandemic. The family has been called in to pay their respects, while Faith waits in the wings with her back-up plan.

When one door closes, another one opens. But the door never opened all the way for Faith. She was maybe one of two African Americans ever seen on VPR, which is ridiculous in itself. Faith was more of a fringe character. She associated with Lauryn from Utah before she gave BJs for PJs and was still an outsider whore. Jax cheated with Faith in the middle of his longterm relationship with Brittany Cartwright. You might think that would be enough to end a courtship, but I guess Jax simply wasn’t meant to rawt in hell.

The fate of Pump Rules is in a precarious situation and former servers need to pay mortgage on houses they never should have purchased. It is highly likely the remaining core cast of the show are no longer employed, but Faith still wants her moment. According to Page Six, Faith is trying to “get the last laugh” by developing her own reality show that will feature a black-owned business.


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A source stated, “She [Faith] wants to use the opportunity to create more black-themed entertainment and help black entrepreneurs. Kinda like a Black Lisa Vanderpump.”

I’m not side-eyeing, you’re side-eyeing. Does this mean Faith is going to start carrying around a tiny dog who sometimes dresses like Prince? Though I wonder if now is a great time to shop new projects. What with a pandemic, the economy, and the basic difficulty of getting a show off the ground, Faith has her work cut out for her.

It seems Faith isn’t discouraged about any potential roadblocks. An insider shared, “She’s been having meetings around town trying to make it happen.” I would love to know who is meeting with this person whose only claim to fame is screwing someone with an old lady in the room. Faith has also been featured on MTV’s The Challenge and Ex on the Beach. But now all of a sudden she’s a serious production enthusiast?


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Currently, we’re on hold for Bravo to call a time of death on Pump Rules. Nevertheless, Faith is hustling a new gig. Though it seems unlikely she will score a hit, the intention of featuring black-owned businesses in Hollywood is a good idea. What do you think, will the fates finally see fit to make Faith a star? Or is her legacy shrouded in being a reality show has been that never was? Looks like Faith will keep trying to find out.


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[Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images]