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Kenya Moore Shares ‘Step Up’ Box Office Numbers To Shade Drew Sidora’s Finances; Drew Says Kenya Is A “Lonely Bitch”

Drew Sidora and Kenya Moore have consistently feuded throughout this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and they haven’t been afraid to go low. They’ve accused one another of cultural appropriation after they both questionably wore Native American costumes. They’ve each not been afraid to make comments on each other’s bodies. And Drew is doubling down that Twirl and LaToya Ali were more than just friends this season, adding gasoline to the years-long Kenya v. Porsha Williams battle.

We can expect a veteran villain like Twirl to get in the mess. But Drew’s involvement has been a pleasant surprise for a newbie in an otherwise “snoozefest” of a season, to put it in the words of Marlo Hampton. They each think the other is thirsty and being extra for the cameras. And let’s be honest, they probably both are. They are working for that Bravo check, to be fair.

Their feud was a major point during the reunion, which may or may not been fueled by the nasty live tweets Kenya and Drew threw back and forth this season. And they didn’t learn their lesson and continued to live-tweet during Sunday’s episode, and continued to throw low blows at each other. During the reunion, Drew was bragging about her finances by quoting her role in the 2006 smash hit Step Up, citing it was a $400 million box office hit. No idea why she thought that would be a major diss, but moving on. Kenya is a vet and brought the receipts, proving that the film really only made $114 million worldwide. “Does Drew EVER NOT LIE?,” Kenya tweeted “BTW the studios make that money you just got a small check. Feeling petty.” Twirl did not come to play.

Kenya could not resist clowning Drew for her lame comeback. She retweeted a fan who tweeted, “Lmaoooooo I know Drew is not bragging about her role in STEP UP.” Another viewer questioned Drew bringing up a film from 15 years ago to prove her wealth. Kenya quote-tweeted it, saying “Drew needed a husband to buy her first house at 35. Meanwhile, I’ve owned multiple from 26 years old and purchased with CASH.”


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Drew, to no surprise, went low. She tweeted, “Kenya has to do everything alone because she……has no choice. #BossBitch or #LonelyBitch.” These ladies know how to drag out a fight to a really petty level. Just imagine all of the bickering Twirl will do with Ramona Singer during the Real Housewives All-Stars vacation series. I have chills already.

Also at the reunion, Kenya backed up the rumor that Drew cheated on her hubby Ralph Pittman with LaToya. Absolutely PIPING hot tea. LaToya was really dropping bombs before potentially making her grand exit, and every viewer should be thankful for it.

Kenya made her stance known not only on camera but also on Twitter. She retweeted a fan who wrote, “One thing Kandi [Burruss] doesn’t do, is lie on someone. If LaToya and Drew kissed, then THEY KISSED.”  Twirl quote-tweeted another fan who was talking about the cheating rumor, saying “now who has the Delilah spirit?” We all just need to take a breather before part three of the RHOA reunion, where there’s guaranteed to be even more talk about Bolo.


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