Drew Sidora Defends Wearing Native American Attire Due To Tribal Heritage After Kenya Moore Claims Of Cultural Appropriation

The first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episodes was pretty explosive and downright sexy. The RHOA ladies returned to the dungeon to talk all the drama this season. We finally learned who, or what, was in Tampa waiting for Ralph Pittman while he ghosted Drew Sidora. Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore had their typical back and forth. And Cynthia Bailey sat there silent the entirety of the episode. She honestly should’ve pulled a Mary Cosby and just gone to sleep, we wouldn’t have noticed.

Kenya also addressed her controversial Halloween costume, which Bravo did not condone because it was cultural appropriation. She tried to bring up that she had Native American heritage and threw Drew under the bus, and the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. Everyone should just dress as a dead mermaid like LaToya Ali and then there won’t be any problems. This may be the one instance where Toya isn’t the problematic one.

Even though Twirl is literally in paradise filming All-Stars with Real Housewives from other cities, she apparently still had the time to continue to attack Drew on Twitter. She questioned Drew’s defense that she was in the attire for a family event. It’s really a gross attempt to be messy and shift the spotlight off of herself rather than just taking accountability and shutting up.

But Drew’s not in Turks and Caicos, so she had the time today. According to Page Six, Drew shared some information regarding the photo of her dressed up in Native American attire. “In this climate of addressing diversity, I am happy to put a spotlight on my indigenous background from my maternal side of the family,” Drew said. “According to my mother, I am part of the Choctaw Native American Tribe, and my great-grandparents grew up and lived in Coushatta, Louisiana, all their lives.”


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The article included a photo of her entire family dressed in traditional attire. Drew explained, “In fact, in 2011, my family returned to our family roots of Coushatta, Louisiana, for a family reunion and celebration in which the theme was ‘Our Branches Stretch Wide, But Our Roots Go Deep.’ During this time, I inherited an authentic ‘tribal garment’ and wore it to our family celebration.” So Drew is really the one with receipts, which has to piss Twirl off more than anything. We know Kenya believes Drew is a “pathological liar” so who knows how she’ll clap back at this one. 

Going back to the reunion, it really feels strange that nearly every one of Andy Cohen’s questions had to do with some controversy that caused the ladies to defend themselves, or hold themselves accountable. Clearly, cultural appropriation needs to be called out, but he started off the reunion asking about their weight gain for god’s sake. Yet, he will continue to defend truly problematic Housewives like Kelly Dodd and Ramona Singer, saying that the Housewives shows are supposed to be escapism, not politics. It just feels a little gross. But let’s hope with the upcoming seasons of Housewives he holds the other women to exactly the same standard.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]