Margaret Josephs Responds To Teresa Giudice’s Dig About Joe Benigno Being A Plumber At Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion

The Real Housewives of New Jersey had their claws out during part one of last night’s reunion. They rehashed the cheating rumor about Evan Goldschneider that resulted in a blow-up between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider. Jennifer Aydin didn’t come to play, throwing Margaret Josephs under the bus for starting the Evan rumor in the first place. Joe Gorga was there to talk about his feud with Joe Giudice, his “marriage problems” with Melissa Gorga, and his offensive comments about Dolores Catania’s love life. But hey, someone’s got to put in the work from the Gorgas to earn that Bravo paycheck. And we know it’s not going to be Melissa and her fake storylines.

RHONJ dealt with a lot of serious accusations and low-blows all season long. Jackie’s analogy involving Gia Giudice and cocaine set Tre off on a tailspin. Jennifer and Marge got dirty, calling each other sloppy, among other serious insults. Tarzan referred to Dolo as a “broken woman” which is just the most ridiculous thing of all time. And even Joe Benigno and Bill Aydin got involved in the gossip about Evan, only escalating the tension between the ladies.

Jennifer was going at it on Instagram with Melissa before the reunion even started, so there was no doubt she was going to come in hot. Toward the beginning, Marge was forced to explain her comments about Jennifer’s stay-at-home mom lifestyle, particularly when she called Bill her “meal ticket.” Margaret obviously is done trying to play nice with Jennifer, so she doubled down on the stance. She decided to point out how Jennifer put that she’s married to a plastic surgeon in her Instagram bio.

And Tre chimed in to have her little soldier’s back. “Maybe she’s proud because she’s married to a plastic surgeon,” she said. And Tre, never known for being good with words, took it even further. “I don’t think you would say you’re married to a plumber.” My jaw dropped. Teresa really is good at fighting dirty, but that was just low and uncalled for.


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“What’s wrong with being a plumber?” Marge responded. Tre stepped back, “I’m just saying, I mean, he’s a doctor.” Margaret, who has dealt with Tre’s bad behavior plenty of times, responded, “I know what that means Teresa not a nice thing.” I love the way Marge fights with Teresa, it’s like she’s scolding a child and trying to teach them how to behave better. You can’t blame her for trying.

Following the reunion, Margaret took to Instagram to respond to Teresa’s low-blow about Joe Benigno’s job. She posted a photo of her husband and Tarzan on a construction job together. “Proud of these 2 average Joe’s and all the hardworking men out there.. These 2 have been hustling together since they met, blessed with the best! #plumbers #contractors #electricians,” the caption read. First of all, I’m dying at her referring to them as “2 average Joe’s.” And secondly, this was a very mature comeback to Tre’s rude comment. Marge really could’ve stooped lower, but she kept it classy.


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Marge also took a cue from Melissa in her reunion post, including photos with every cast member except for Jennifer. It seems kind of high school to be cutting people out of Instagram photos as a diss. And it’s obvious Jennifer knows how to come back quickly when the Marge-Melissa-Jackie trio tries to come for her. But, for better or for worse, she has Tre right by her side. And while they fight dirty, those two really know how to bring it Jersey style.


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