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Teresa Giudice May “Forgive But Will Never Forget” Jackie Goldschneider For Analogy; Claims She’s “Not A Troublemaker”

It’s almost time for the Real Housewives of New Jersey  Season 11 reunion, and it is going to be crazy. During the season premiere, Teresa Giudice decided it would be a great idea to spread a rumor that Evan Goldschneider was cheating on his wife, Jackie Goldschneider. Oh, and Teresa decided to do this at Evan’s birthday party. Happy Birthday, Evan!

When RHONJ co-stars Jackie and Teresa met to talk it out, Teresa had no receipts. Then, Jackie made the worst analogy in Housewives history. She compared the cheating rumors to Teresa’s daughter Gia Giudice “snorting coke in the bathroom at parties.” Jackie stated, “I wasn’t starting a rumor about Gia. I was giving an analogy.”

Teresa, who considers herself “the Tom Brady of Housewives,” was furious about Gia’s name being brought up. “I think anybody –anybody–that would say something like that about someone else’s child is disgraceful,” Teresa said.

Teresa was still hazy about the origin of the cheating rumor. “It’s not like I made it up. It was out there,” Teresa remarked. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Teresa told host Andy Cohen that she actually heard the rumor about Evan “from our group, that’s on the show.”

When the RHONJ cast hit the Jersey Shore, the group had an explosive argument at Dolores Catania’s house. Bill Aydin previously told his wife, Jennifer Aydin, that Margaret Josephs’ husband, Joe Benigno, also heard the rumors about Evan cheating. Teresa brought up the boy’s night gossip at dinner, but Joe B. denied saying it. Eventually, Jackie and Teresa were able to make peace.


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In an interview with US Weekly, Teresa stated, “I always say I may forgive but I never forget.” She continued, “I said that at the reunion. Yes, I always forgive, but I never forget.” It sounds like it is going to be war between Teresa and Jackie.

Teresa commented, “I’m all about analogies, but don’t make an analogy about anyone’s child.” Since when is Teresa all about analogies? “She knew exactly what she was doing. She was trying to hurt me,” Teresa added. Teresa thinks that Jackie needs to accept responsibility for her actions, and the aftermath.

The proud mom shared, “Gia’s such an amazing woman [and] she has her whole life ahead of her, so to say that and try to jeopardize that in any way is … uncalled for. And she didn’t even tell me it was an analogy,” Teresa said.

She also told US Weekly that RHONJ viewers will glimpse a new side of Teresa on the reunion, and the new Housewives All-Stars spin-off. Could it be because Teresa has found her soulmate in Luis “Louie” Ruelas? Viewers finally saw Luis on camera during the season finale.


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Teresa revealed, “I think everyone’s going to see me in a different light. They’re starting to get to know who the real Teresa Giudice is.” So, we were seeing a fake Teresa Giudice for the last 11 years?

“I think it started towards the end of this season too. You have to understand who I am. I’m not a troublemaker,” Teresa said. “If I have something to tell you, I’ll tell you right to your face and that’s it. It’s up to you how you handle it.”


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