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Erika Jayne’s Medical Records Are Fair Game In Court After Admitting To Using Antidepressants On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

All’s fair in love and war and no one knows that more than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills suspect star, Erika Chahoy Jayne Girardi. I still do not understand the concept of allowing people to film your actual life if you have anything shady in your closet. Secret husband locked in the basement? We’ll find out. Overdue Amex bill from 1996? We already know about it, honey. Also fair, Erika is being watched now that she Tom Girardi are under investigation for committing fraud and embezzlement.

After denying knowledge of Big Tommy’s alleged crimes, a special counsel has been appointed to transcribe every word EJ hisses during this RHOBH season. Attorneys are looking for evidence Erika is hiding assets under about 34 inches of hair. Prosecuting lawyers would like to thank Evolution for that long, slow glance at Erika’s diamond necklace during the premier. Erika also admitted taking antidepressants in the first episode and you know what that means… now her medical records are fair game in court.

Woe is Erika and that’s putting it mildly. This girl is in trouble but luckily she has the support of some heavy players that were popular on the CW network about 20 years ago. With Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and, Christ almighty, Teddi Mellencamp by her side, Erika should be okay. And that, my friends, is sarcasm.

Attorney Ronald Richards now has the extra lucky job of sitting down each Wednesday night and legit transcribing every word Erika says. Let’s all say a quick prayer for Ronald as he learns about patting the puss. Fun fact! Did you know that Mr. Richards is the former lawyer for RHOBH alum Taylor Armstrong’s now deceased husband, Russell Armstrong? So I’m guessing Ron knows what to look for when it comes to the fine art of concealing property.


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The first episode of Season 11 gave us a solemn Erika. A depressed Erika, if you will. The Rona rana her out of New York and she was forced to eat dinner with her husband every night during lockdown. Apparently, it wasn’t stimulating. To be fair, the pandemic did it’s fair share of damage to a lot of people, but a lot of people aren’t under investigation for fraud. Erika admitted on camera that she began taking Lexapro, which is an antidepressant designed to decrease anxiety.

In the episode, Erika said, “I couldn’t shake it. I was feeling this incredible dread. Who am I if I’m not working?” Um, why not work at the Pretty Mess record label magically created with “her own” money? Meanwhile, with that admission, medical records are now fair game in court. According to Ronald’s Twitter, “Initial privilege comments about the first episode: There was a complete waiver of the psychiatrist patient privilege and there was an admission of being under the influence of Lexapro. This was one of many admissions that the show has provided thus far.” Hope they don’t ask about any… Painkillrs! YOU’RE WELCOME.


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A follower asked Ronald, “So her medical records can be discussed in open court?” Ronald responded, “When one talks about them on tv, yes.” Now that we know HIPPA has taken a hike, is how many Advil Erika pops as detrimental to withholding assets as the chinchilla wrap she wore to fly to Lake Tahoe? Anyone know what the going rate is on a golden gun collection? Erika was just a girl, in the late 90’s, who moved to LA with dreams of finding fame and fortune. Now in 2021, all eyes are on Erika, watching to see what she does next. I guess dreams really do come true.


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