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Margaret Josephs Says “It Was Rough” Watching Gia Giudice Argue With Joe Gorga; Andy Cohen Says “It’s A Tough Situation”

Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and bringing drama from all sides. Margaret Josephs is once again feuding with Teresa Giudice. Margaret allegedly called Teresa’s fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas a “sex addict.” Teresa would like Margaret to mind her own business. As if that was a possibility.

Of course, this is RHONJ, so Teresa is dealing with family drama. Teresa’s ex-husband, Joe “Juicy” Giudice may have been deported, but he is still heavily involved. Juicy was not a good husband to Teresa. He was rumored to have cheated, and he supposedly landed his then-wife in jail. Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and Juicy hate each other. Juicy even claimed that Joe stole money from his father.

Joe said that Juicy treated Teresa poorly off-camera. And he also stated that Juicy put his mother, Antonia Gorga, in an early grave. Sadly, Antonia passed away in March of 2017. Teresa sided with her ex over her brother. Juicy called Joe “a jackass” for talking about him in front of his four daughters.

Teresa and Juicy’s eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, also criticized her Zio Joe and his wife, Melissa Gorga, for speaking out about her father. Gia also claimed that RHONJ did not show Juicy’s good moments. Good moments? I must have missed that episode.


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During the most recent episode of RHONJ, Gia and Joe had an argument about Joe bashing Juicy. And Gia stood her ground. “I’m an adult now too, so you can talk to me like one, cause I’m done with you being disrespectful,” Gia told her uncle, as he slammed her behavior as “horrendous.” Melissa and Teresa intervened, and Gia and Joe finally agreed to try and move forward. “He loves them so much. He has a really special place [in his heart for] her girls, especially Gia,” Melissa stated.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Margaret weighed in on the dispute between Joe and Gia. Host Andy Cohen shared a question from a fan for Margaret. “What do you think about Gia’s interaction with Joe Gorga?” Andy asked.

“It was rough. It was hard to watch,” Margaret replied. “You know, it’s sad when that happens with family.”


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Margaret continued, “I really felt bad for Joe Gorga, but I felt bad for Gia because she obviously hurting. Joe, I felt very bad for him.” Watching a 21-year-old Gia square off with her uncle was strange after watching her grow up on the show.

“It’s a tough situation,” Andy remarked. “On one hand, he’s trying to defend his sister, whose life was severely messed up by [Joe Giudice], but it’s [Gia’s] father.”

Margaret responded, “Exactly. And he loves Gia so much. He really loves her so much, so it’s very painful for him,” she added.


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