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Brock Davies Has “A Minor Role” On Season 10 Of Vanderpump Rules

It’s been nearly a year of teasing Season 10 of  Vanderpump Rules. So much has happened with the demise of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s marriage off-screen. A newly-single Raquel Leviss hooked up with both Tom and Peter Madrigal, who will be a more prominent cast member this season. Lala Kent called it off with scandalous fiancé Randall Emmett.

So there will be a lot to unpack on Season 10. Also, filming for Season 9 was limited due to Covid restrictions. As entertaining as Tom Sandoval’s themed parties were, we missed the wild cast trips.

Now with Season 10 on the horizon, Brock Davies wanted to give his own update on Pump Rules latest production. Scheana Shay’s husband shared his thoughts with Showbiz Cheat Sheet during a FanRoom Live event. “I felt like you guys had Vanderpump Rules and in Season 9 was kind of like, what do we do here?” Brock explained. “And it was definitely a lot of exposure. So hopefully this season the fans also get their show back, which is the group that they’ve watched for nine years or ten years, come back into the main light and then we can grow together that way. So this season, I definitely took a step back,” he added.

Brock had an initiation season where he took a lot of heat for ghosts of relationships past, including an ex-wife, two kids in Australia, and an alleged restraining order. With all the tea on Brock spilled, it seems “let’s go after Brock” isn’t the theme in Season 10. In fact, his screen time will be limited.

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“So this season I definitely got a minor role as opposed to Season 9, but also the world opened back up. There’s more to do this season, so it’s not so dramatically focused on just personality,” Brock said. “Essentially there are more things going on. Whereas in Season 9, we had the lockdown, so we had a house party, theme party, theme party. Now we have weddings, we had traveling, we had Vegas, we had girls’ trips.”

Limits on movement and vacations meant producers were looking for more drama within the group dynamic. Scheana explained that the focus was on bashing the latest love of her life.  She said, “It was like, ‘Who can we attack?’ Oh, the new guy. It’s always the new person who gets thrown into the lion’s den,” Scheana stated. “There wasn’t a lot of drama going on outside of that.”

Scheana claimed that Brock has earned his stripes and has been accepted by the group. She said, “Over the past year, everyone’s gotten to know Brock and there’s just not anything you can hate about Brock. So I feel like this season there’s not going to be any s***-talking, but we’ll see because you never know until you actually see it.”

“But it’s like, what are you going to say about him?” Scheana added. “He’s an amazing dad, he’s a great partner and he fights for me. He loves me. Like, what bad are you going to say about him now? He’s caught up on child support.” Brock worked hard to ingratitate himself to the group, and credits his social personality to his success.

So, now that Brock is good with the group, producers want less to do with him? Seems like it. But he is already planning his strategy for Season 11. “Hopefully next season, Season 11, we start filming. You guys will see more of that. But I just needed to take some more time to understand these friendships because I’ll tell you what, they’re wild,” Brock said.

Brock has learned the ways of producers and pointed out how much positive material they edited out of Season 9. He revealed, “As it aired I was like, ‘But what about the good stuff?’ That was the biggest thing because I had so many great moments with (Tom) Schwartz and our relationship took off and then I had a great relationship with Sheana.” He continued, “So obviously naive first season, but I would not handle myself any differently.”

Certainly, the dynamic is a welcome change. Scheana and Brock have less scrutiny to deal with on Season 10.  He concluded, “I’m always, always here to support Sheana. It was our wedding season. I’m not front and center this season, just so we’re on the same page. But it was great to kind of just sit back and that’s what the first season should have been for me, which was a lot,” he added.


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