VANDERPUMP RULES -- Pictured: Lala Kent -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Lala Kent Defends Being “Mean” To Raquel Leviss On Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent isn’t exactly known for being the nice one on Vanderpump Rules. Or anywhere else. But on the most recent episode of VPR, her treatment of castmate Raquel Leviss rubbed some fans the wrong way.

The episode, a girls’ trip to Lake Havasu to cheer Katie Maloney up about her divorce, was cringe to watch as a viewer. It seemed forced and most certainly not an uplifting vibe. The drama was all about Lala and Raquel.

Now Lala is defending herself against those who think she took things too far with (former) “underdog” Raquel. As reported by Page Six, Lala took to her Instagram Stories to remind us why she was being a “mean girl” from the start.

Lala began, “My words are intense. I got that. Things I say at times are completely out of pocket. However, words are words. I’m about actions. Raquel was full of friendly words … her actions, not so much.”

She continued, “Some of you act so brand new to me. You know the drill by now. I’ve never liked Raquel. She’s always triggered me. NOW WE KNOW WHY.”

During an intense late-night conversation with Raquel, Lala expressed annoyance at Raquel’s drinking behavior. The two both went for the waiter and then-married son of Garcelle Beauvais, Oliver Saunders. Raquel ultimately won out, sucking face with Oliver that night.

A perturbed Lala later told Raquel she wouldn’t trust her around her man. An undeterred Raquel quipped that it was a good thing Lala didn’t have a man. But now we know that Lala and Katie’s suspicions were correct.

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Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that Raquel and Tom Sandoval have been carrying on a seven-month-long affair behind Ariana Madix’s back. Ariana, who has been with Sandoval for almost a decade, was reportedly “blindsided” and quickly broke things off.

Since then, Lala has been extremely vocal about her support for Ariana. And her disdain for Raquel. The last time she addressed Raquel on Instagram, Lala was seething over Raquel’s legal team emailing out a demand to destroy an explicit video that Raquel sent Sandoval. Which is how Ariana found out about the affair. Lala went on to sell merchandise with a catchphrase that was part of her tirade.

While Raquel is certainly persona non grata now, she wasn’t at the time. And was quick to remind Lala that she slept with James Kennedy when Raquel was still with him. Additionally, Lala has always taken (rightful) heat over her relationship with her former fiancé, Randall Emmett, who was still legally married when Lala started dating him.

But Lala, who has been sober since 2018, noted that she has also made “many bad decisions in the past” while under the influence. “I made decisions I was not proud of. Things that wouldn’t have happened had I been clear and sober. It’s not an excuse, it’s fact,” she explained.

The single mother then concluded, “And unless you struggle with addiction you won’t understand, nor does your opinion have any place on this conversation.”


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]