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Kenya Moore Defends Kyle Richards After Calling Out Garcelle Beauvais’ Donation Oversight; Said It’s Not A “Black Or White” Issue, It’s A “Green” Issue

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore must have decided things were a little too calm in her world, so she fixed that… Kenya recently returned from filming the Housewives All-Star special in Turks & Caicos. She hung out with, well, pretty much everyone except Ramona Singer. Allegedly, the Real Housewives of New York star did not return back to the States with a lot of budding new friendships, which tracks for Mona.

Speaking of budding new friendships, it looks like Kenya and Kyle Richards might have bonded over their mutual love for long hair whilst All-Starring. Viewers know Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just kicked off and some old wounds were revisited. Last year Kyle accused Garcelle Beauvais of not following through on a charity donation, which didn’t sit well with Garcelle. Much of the first episode involved Garcelle and Kyle handling the upset like adults, which usually goes against Bravo policy. The situation was over, until it wasn’t, because Kenya decided to start something.

In one evening, Kenya poked quite a few bears and her move to ignite this fire was a definite CHOICE. She started the ball rolling with this post on Twitter, “I don’t think Kyle calling Garcelle out about not paying her donation has anything to do with color. It’s not a black or white issue it’s a green issue. Let’s not pull the race card every episode. They weren’t cool at the time. Glad they talked it through.” Totally fair, but this is from the woman who threw a full verbal dissertation at Kim Zolciak on the adverse effects of suggesting a Black woman has roaches in her house.

Many weren’t trying to hear anything about handling race or stereotypes from someone who thought wearing a full Native American “costume” on camera was a normal thing to do. Needless to say, Kenya wasn’t deterred. Here’s the thing, Kenya has a valid point. Not everything comes down to race, it can certainly be as simple as reminding someone to pay a debt. However, Kenya and Garcelle do not share the same experience in this context. Kenya hails from a cast with all Black women and Garcelle’s lens is different with the predominantly white RHOBH ladies. Garcelle was simply sharing her side.


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Kenya decided to give examples of other Black women not fulfilling a charity donation. Oh Christ. Kenya also posted, “Fun Fact: (oh hell no, Fun Fact is mine) Nene [Leakes] never paid her $20k donation to @DPSFndt and @Porsha4real never paid her $5k to #blackmanlab both promised to pay ON CAMERA neither actually paid @BravoTV” NeNe, who for once is bothering no one and Porsha Williams, who is trying to secure her bag wedding, were put on display for good measure.

Twitter was lightly burning after Kenya’s first post, then it went nuclear. One person wrote, “At some point the passive aggressiveness gets old. Fun fact: Messiness doesn’t look good on u. Let that be THEIR issue.” Another user commented, “Fun fact: never become as bothered and miserable as Kenya for one it’s not cute and secondly how can a supposedly secure woman enjoy downing and dragging other women to uplift herself.”


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Fast forward to this morning and Kenya woke up under a pile of garbage, so she went on a recovery mission. She wrote, “Hi – Garcelle paid once she was made aware of the oversight. Others did not. IMO Kyle would have called ANYONE out who she was beefing with-black OR white. I’m a fan of Garcelle and Eboni K. Williams is a beast! We can be objective to facts and sensitive.” This is exactly why Eboni needed a social media break

Garcelle and Kyle had this covered, but Twirl ripped the scab off. Kenya will probably spend the remainder of her afternoon with HAZMAT trying to Silkwood shower the hell out of this situation. From the vault of Kenya Moore, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you!” It looks like at least 3 invites just went out in the mail.


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