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Robyn Dixon Thinks Erika Jayne Was Unaware Of Tom Girardi’s Alleged Embezzlement

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are gearing up to watch Erika Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi and her ongoing legal battle unfold on the small screen. After almost a year of news headlines and shocking allegations, Erika just revealed to her friends during last week’s episode that she filed for divorce from Tom just days after gushing about him in Lake Tahoe. It came at a suspicious time, when a mounting lawsuit against Tom, accusing him of embezzling settlement funds owed to clients. And it looked like Erika was doing whatever she could to protect her XXPen$ive assets to avoid getting dragged down with her 81-year-old husband. But maybe a cheating scandal really did coincidentally drop at the same time as the lawsuit. Would I bet on that? Definitely not. In this instance, I’m with Sutton Stracke. 

Erika has proclaimed she’s innocent and ignorant of all Tom’s shady business, which includes stealing money in millions from orphans and families of victims who died in horrific accidents. But the evidence shows otherwise. And a new ABC documentary on Hulu dubbed The Housewife and the Hustler doesn’t help Erika’s case that she didn’t fund her fabulous lifestyle off the back of literal victims. No doubt the feds are recording that documentary to watch too.

The documentary has blown up all over the internet for a variety of reasons, one being Danielle Staub’s peculiar involvement. The film even featured a deposition from Tom, shady voicemails he left for his clients and interviews with a whole lot of victims of his potentially decades-long (alleged) crimes. And I want to know what everyone has to think about it, including my fav Bravobrities. Instagram account @commentsbybravo shared a recent screenshot that reveals what Real Housewives of Potomac OG Robyn Dixon thinks of it all. Because she’s never afraid to go digging around the skeletons in anyone’s closet, to Karen Huger’s dismay.

The Instagram post featured a screenshot of a meme by @bravohistorian on Instagram about the Erika and Tom documentary. Robyn commented on the post to add that she also was glued to the special, adding a mind-blown emoji. “And I don’t think she knew,” Robyn wrote. That’s definitely an opinion alright. And even though Erika and Tom are innocent until proven guilty, it’s hard to side with them as more and more facts about the case get released. Particularly when looking back at how the couple flaunted their wealth every chance they got for the Bravo cameras.


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Unsurprisingly, many fans in the comments did NOT agree with Robyn’s perception of Erika’s innocence. “I am SO GLAD Juan Dixon is not here right now to see her comment,” one genius wrote. “SHE KNEW!!!!! R U KIDDING ME? EVEN JUAN AGREES,” another wrote. Now I need to know all of Juan Dixon’s thoughts about this mess.

Maybe Robyn is giving Erika the benefit of the doubt considering her own financial woes. And I’m not the only person who thinks that according to comments. “Robyn didn’t know she owed $100k in taxes. Of course, she sides with Erika,” someone wrote. “Of course, Robyn ‘Head in the Sand’ Dixon thinks this,” said another.


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Fans kept it coming. “Robyn might not have known, but Erika definitely did,” one person wrote. “Robyn, I love you, but she knew,” another added. I wonder what Robyn’s fellow Green-Eyed Bandit Gizelle Bryant thinks of the word on the street regarding Erika’s alleged involvement. I wonder if they know Erika attempted to sell her clothes online to make money and get a judge to enforce a gag order to avoid any fault. I need that classic RHOBH girl gang to dig deep into Erika about this one. But I have little faith they’ll truly ask her the tough questions while the cameras are rolling.


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