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Real Housewives Fans Slam Jackie Goldschneider And Kelly Dodd For Hanging Out; Kelly And Rick Leventhal Also Visit Ramona Singer In Hamptons

To every Real Housewives of New Jersey fan’s dismay, Season 11 has finally come to an end. And, as always, the Jersey girls brought their A-game, even during a pandemic. Jennifer Aydin went head to head with Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga which was equal parts entertaining as it was nasty. Fans finally met Teresa Giudice’s new man Luis Ruelas, who fittingly carried a pineapple to his boo at the reunion. Even Patterson Dolores Catania came out, a rare but always welcomed sight.

A big storyline of RHONJ this season was the rumor swirling around that Evan Goldschneider cheats on Jackie Goldschneider at the gym. Tre fueled the rumor and blamed Marge for spreading it in the first place. Jackie, of course, said the worst analogy heard round the world that got Tre mad enough to flip a table. And while they made amends at the reunion, and plans for a double-date, it seems like these two will never get along. And considering RHONJ is the Teresa Giudice show, fans have been split with their feelings regarding Jackie. But we all can agree her extensions this season represented the inner turmoil she was going through about the rumor. It was tragic.

Now that the season is over, Jackie apparently wants to bring more attention to herself by hanging out with a fellow controversial Bravo figure — the one and only Kelly Dodd. Kelly’s on the fast-track to being fired from Real Housewives of Orange County, at least she thinks so. Whether or not the network will finally hold her accountable for her bad behavior, including controversial statements about racism and the coronavirus pandemic, is up in the air. But for now, Kelly and her new husband Rick Leventhal joined Jackie and Evan in the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend.

Jackie posted a photo of her and Evan kissing next to Rick and Kelly kissing. Gag. It was… something. We need to protect sweet old Evan at all costs and keep him away from the Kelly Dodd tornado. Fans in the comments of Jackie’s post had a lot to say about the meet-up. “Jackie. Baby, what r u doin?” one fan wrote. “Nooooooo Jackie…” said another. . “I just can’t even like this, Kelly Dodd,” another comment read, followed by puke face emojis. “Jackie and Evan, you’re better than this….” “WHY JACKIE!?” The list goes on and on. RHOC fans literally started a boycott because of Kelly. If Jackie thinks this is her way of becoming the star of RHONJ, it’s definitely the wrong approach.


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Even fans of Jackie’s who took her side in the feud against Tre couldn’t wrap their heads around her new friend. “My Jackie Stan card has been retracted,” someone wrote. “Nooooooo. OK you lost me. I’m going to unfollow right now. I can’t believe your friends with these people.” another fan wrote. Honestly, they all have a point. Like Bethenny Frankel says, if you hang with trash, you’ll eventually start to stink like garbage.

Somehow, Kelly still has “fans” of her own, who apparently aren’t too fond of Jackie. Kelly posted her own trio of photos on Instagram thanking Jackie for having them over their house. A few comments read as followed: “Sorry, I don’t care for Jackie.” “Nooo, Kelly cruising to the dark side with Jackie, the troublemaker.” “Kelly whyyyy!? Nooooo.”


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And if you thought this crossover couldn’t get more controversial, the Ramona Singer apparently also was there. Rick posted a selfie with Ramona and the caption read, “The housewives tour continues… thanks for hosting us.” Not surprised that the Ramonacoaster would include Kelly on her list of 50+ girlfriends, especially since the Leventhals obviously hang in the Hamptons. It’s unclear if Jackie and Ramona crossed paths based on my social media stalking, but I’d never say never.


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