Vanderpump Rules

Top 5 Most Jaw Dropping Moments On Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is filming for Season 10 and there will no doubt be a ton of drama. Raquel Leviss, Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, and Lala Kent are all single and ready to mingle. We haven’t seen messy singles on this show for a long time, so it’s bound to be good. To get ready for this new season, let’s take a look back at the most jaw dropping moments on Pump Rules:

1. When James said he was “definitely boning” Scheana’s friend

There were plenty of jaw dropping moments before this one, but it’s important to include this moment with James Kennedy because it solidified the iconic status of this show. During Season 4, Kristen Doute and James had hit too many rough patches in their relationship. One night, James got too drunk (of course) and went home with one of Scheana Shay’s friends, instead of with Kristen, who was his girlfriend at the time. Flash forward to the next day when James is confronted with an Uber receipt, proving Kristen to be a true detective. James lies through his teeth to Kristen’s face, but in his confessional, he tells the audience that he and Scheana’s friend, “ were definitely boning.

2. When Jax admitted to sleeping with Faith

Infidelity is a major theme on VPR. Season 6 was epic because the storyline revolved around the “rumor” that Jax Taylor slept with Faith Stowers while dating Brittany Cartwright. Jax denied the rumors for a couple episodes, but once Brittany asked point blank, he surrendered and said, “yes, I did sleep with her.”  Brittany’s response? “Rawt in hell!” That feeling didn’t last long though, because Brittany decided to stay with Jax.

3. When Kristen admitted to sleeping with Jax

This next moment spawned several other jaw dropping moments. Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules was utterly iconic drama. A rumor about Jax and Kristen having sex was shared by Tequila Katie. OG detective, Stassi Schroeder refused to rest until she proved the rumor to be true. Jax caved first, but you know, it’s Jax. Who knows if he’s ever honest? Doute however denied it, quite convincingly too. That is until the finale, when she finally came clean to Stassi that she slept with Jax – one time – even though it was two! The moment made our jaws drop to the floor because Kristen had been on a rampage to prove that Tom Sandoval was a cheater (which he was). But it was Kristen who  slept with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend. I mean, have we ever had such a reckless storyline on Bravo?

4. When Stassi slapped Kristen for sleeping with Jax

Before Kristen could admit to sleeping with Jax, Stassi gathered all the SUR employees together to force Kristen’s hand. Jax was there, taunting Kristen with the truth, but Kristen remained calm and kept denying. After all, Sandoval was there, sticking up for Kristen. Stassi confronted Doute, saying, “you banged my ex- boyfriend.” Kristen replied, in the present tense, “I’m not banging Jax.” Stassi didn’t want to hear it, so her hand connected with Kristen’s face instead, in a truly outrageous moment.

5. When Sandoval punched Jax in the forehead for sleeping with Kristen

You think Stassi was the only one who wanted to hurt someone in this situation? Of course not. Once Sandoval finally got the truth from Kristen, he went to Jax to have a heart to heart about why his best friend would do something this cold. Jax was as remorseless as a terrifying sociopath. Tom just wanted Jax to feel something, anything. That anything would up being his fist on Jax’s forehead. But the real jaw dropping moment in this scenario was Jax’s villainous smile after being punched. It still makes me shiver.


Photo Credit: [Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]