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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion Recap Part 1: Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Shifting Story

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion started with a bang. Diana Jenkins attended the reunion virtually because she was ill. Extra points to host Andy Cohen for pointing out that she looked remarkably well for a sick person when she joined the discussion.

Lisa Rinna had a small ceramic bird that she got in Mexico as a remembrance of her late mother, Lois Rinna. She also added that the angels are protecting her.

A Special Guest Appearance

Andy showed footage of Dorit Kemsley fawning over Kyle Richards’ co-star and friend, Jamie Lee Curtis, and calling all of the products for her charity “so chic.” Andy told the RHOBH cast that Jamie was there, but then said he was joking. As they laughed, Jamie came out.

She jokingly renamed her charity My Hand in Yours: The Chicest Children’s Charity. In honor of Dorit, Jamie named a wind chime after her. She also gave pumpkins to each of the ladies with their images on them.

Garcelle Discusses Her Son Being Targeting

Garcelle Beauvais discussed the cruel and racist remarks sent to her 14-year-old son, Jax, online. During his first week of high school, someone sent him his mother’s Playboy photos. Garcelle recounted the most chilling comment Jax received. “If it wasn’t for your white daddy, you’d have a knee on your neck,” someone wrote.

Rinna spoke out first and called the bullying “disgusting” and “horrific.” Andy also highlighted the negative social media comments made about the entire cast. Erika Jayne commented that she doesn’t like to receive death threats. Andy said that whether you love the RHOBH cast or just love to hate on them, it is just a show on TV. Hatred is unnecessary. “Bravo unequivocally condemns it,” he added. The ladies were appreciative of the support.

Dorit Relives Her Home Invasion

Dorit was visibly shaken watching footage of her terrifying home invasion. She shared that she has been diagnosed with PTSD. The trauma from the experience has affected her marriage to PK Kemsley, and some days she finds it hard to get out of bed.

When Andy mentioned that there was online speculation that PK staged the robbery for insurance purposes, the ladies had Dorit’s back. There have been no leads on catching the intruders. On a humorous note, when Andy started to yawn during Dorit’s comments, she busted him. “Am I boring you?” she remarked, noting that he did the same thing last year. Poor long-winded Dorit.

Kyle shared that someone reached out to her sister-in-law, claiming to be the person who robbed Kyle. He sent photos of her stolen items, and Kyle sent some money. Erika was upset, chiding Kyle for paying off a “criminal” and calling it “a shake-down.” Oh, Erika. Sigh.

Crystal’s Eating Disorder Journey

Crystal Kung Minkoff decided to share about her eating disorder to just put it all out there. Last season, Crystal felt “violated” by Sutton Stracke coming into her room to return her coat. Crystal was changing her clothes at the time. She denied that she was binging and purging. She felt uncomfortable because of her body dysmorphia.

Andy asked Kyle why it was fine for Kyle to bring up her own eating disorder when Crystal mentioned hers, but it wasn’t okay for Sutton to share about her miscarriages with Diana. Kyle blamed it on the tequila and thought that Sutton was trying to make it about her. Sutton didn’t look impressed.

Andy questioned why Erika recommended using laxatives to Crystal. Erika was simply explaining what she would do, and thought she was being “empathetic.” She later discovered that was wrong.

Crystal was upset that Dorit shared with the group that Crystal told her that she vomited every day. She told Dorit that their conversation was “private” and started to cry. She said it felt terrible and “gossipy.” Dorit apologized, explaining that she thought it was fine to share with the group.

A “Dramatic Millennial”

Crystal was quizzed about stating that Sutton made a “very dark” comment last season. Crystal shared that the discussion happened when she had just met Sutton, and she wouldn’t have thought that if she had known her better.

Erika and Kyle both said that Crystal implied that Sutton was racist. Crystal clarified that it wasn’t a specific comment, but the tone of the conversation that upset her. She asked her RHOBH co-stars if they didn’t feel that way. They all said, “No!”

Rinna stated that you can’t put something out there and not back it up. Kyle said that Crystal wasn’t being honest. Crystal maintained that it was her “experience” and the tone of the conversation. Erika called it a “cop-out.”

Sutton explained that she and Crystal had talked about it and moved forward. Not so fast! Rinna and Erika want to know why this situation was smoothed over. Andy chimed in, adding that he was happy that Sutton and Crystal were fine, but he spent three episodes wondering what the hell Sutton said. Truth!

Dorit thought that Crystal pushed Sutton under the bus to make herself look better. Crystal said that bringing up that statement was “the biggest regret” in her life.

Kyle explained that she called Crystal a “dramatic millennial” because of using the word “violated.” Crystal hit back, asking Kyle if she felt “violated” when she was robbed. Kyle replied that the robbers didn’t bring her a jacket.

Crystal insisted that she told “her truth” and didn’t make anything up. Kyle responded, “Your truth wasn’t true.” Damn!

Diana Fights Back

Diana appeared virtually. Andy detailed how she has been sending cease-and-desist letters regarding accusations of being a madam. Diana also set the record straight about meeting Jeffrey Epstein. She claimed that the photo in question was from 1997 in New York. Diana was a refugee in London at that time.

Diana discussed her comments about a black content creator. She insisted that she associated it with the “dark web,” and not a woman’s skin color. Crystal said that Diana’s comments to her about the situation seemed to support that.

The RHOBH newbie gave money to the victims of the Lion Air disaster. Erika thought it was “wonderful.” She added that she felt like Diana was saying, “If we’re going to continue to hammer about widows and orphans, why doesn’t somebody do something?”

Garcelle Suspects Diana

Garcelle admitted that she thought that Diana was behind the bot attack on her son, Jax. Garcelle went back to the “knee on the neck” remark, and how that comment mentioned Diana. Jax was so upset, he reposted it, writing, “You’re going too far.”

He didn’t omit Diana’s name, and she felt it should have been removed. When Kyle took Diana’s side, Garcelle exploded. She asked if she should stop helping her son to save all of her co-stars. Garcelle called the idea “outrageous.”

Diana said that they got death threats. According to Garcelle, Diana basically said that if anything happened to her family, she was coming after her.

Diana responded that she has a murderer victim in her family and that if someone said they will stab your kids, then that is a threat. Diana added that she meant that Garcelle would be legally responsible if something happened to Diana’s family.

Garcelle said she was finished speaking with Diana. Diana stated that she has the means to hire lawyers, so she will help find out who hired the bots. Garcelle has launched an investigation, too.

Garcelle wanted to know why Diana is “so obsessed with her.” Diana replied, “Because you are gorgeous!” The actress called out Diana for targeting her online and told her to leave her alone.


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