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Lala Kent Says Ex Randall Emmett Allegedly Owes Former Vanderpump Rules Star Jax Taylor “A Lot Of Money”

It must be refreshing for Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor to wake up and find that someone owes HIM money. This is progress for Jax since the IRS has been trying to contact him for back taxes since 2019.

Jax is long gone from Pump Rules, but he isn’t alone in his shame cocoon. Other core cast members followed him, by no choice of their own. Recently Lala Kent provided her own contribution to people who have been wished to the cornfield.

Amid rumors of cheating and being gross in general, Lala gave Randall Emmett the boot and sent him packing. At this time we do not know if Lala’s anxiety baby bottles are no longer being used or have been handed down to Ocean Emmett.

Lala enjoys trash-talking Rand on VPR and social media. She claims to be shocked at his alleged infidelity and apparently has no memory of how she met this man in the first place. Lala recently added to her Instagram Story and brought back the sweet, sweet memories of April 2019. In an ambiguous message that rekindled thoughts of “money by Monday”, Lala let it slip that Randall owes Jaxa lot of money”. Let the speculations begin!! Reality Blurb has the details.

A Pump Rules fan page shared, “Uh oh, it looks like Lala Kent is ready for a [Money By Monday] Part 2, and she tagged Jax Taylor.” A screenshot of Lala’s message was also posted, it read; “I’m about to start pulling a [money by Monday] for my crew if someone doesn’t start producing…[and] I don’t mean movies.”

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Look out everyone, she’s gone from Give Them Lala to Give Them Tupac again. Lala didn’t call Randall out specifically in the post, but she didn’t hesitate to clock him on an episode of Scheana Shay’s podcast, Scheananigans. She admitted, “Randall owes Jax a lot of money and he’s been giving him the running around for a really long time.” She implied Randall may or may not have told Jax the payment is on the way.

Lala added, “So, this is me saying, ‘Brother, you owe my friend money, so money by Monday. The clock is ticking’.” I wonder what happens when the clock stops ticking. Does she say Fofty’s name 3 times in the mirror and wait for him to appear with a menacing gaze? After being questioned if Jax is looking for these funds via USPS, Lala said,  “I don’t know who mails six-figures. I mean, I kinda blame Jax for believing that.”

Is this another opportunity for Lala to slam her kid’s dad by publicly humiliating him again? Or is it conceivable Lala is genuinely concerned about the state of Jax’s bankbook? Does Jax even have a six-figure sum of money to loan out? Rest-assured if it has to do with the downfall of Randall, Lala will keep you posted.


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