Mary Cosby Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Heather Gay Confirms Mary Cosby Makes A Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Comeback

Looks like Bravo is taking a page from the We Haven’t Learned Any Lessons book of policies and procedures. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has been a juggernaut of arrests, healing journeys, and removing people who have made unsavory comments. The arguable show lead just checked herself into jail for a lengthy sentence after scamming the elderly community and declaring her innocence until the last possible moment. Thankfully Jen Shah no longer smells like hospital but does have a faint scent of the prison commissary.

Bravo has removed toxic people from programming before, but only once a big commotion has been made. Jennie Nguyen is a former RHOSLC housewife who was released from her contract amid a flood of horribly racist social media posts. Additionally, Mary Cosby received a metric ton of criticisms for her godlike complex and penchant for making extremely insensitive statements.

After a season of Heather Gay turning in her fan-favorite card and handing it to a semi-lucid Meredith Marks, the cast is once again has a hole left to fill. Presumedly with someone who is not problematic. The streets began buzzing about bringing Mary back in February. Some fans are thrilled and some are shocked the network is trying to go there again.

Now Heather is confirming Mary’s return because let’s face it, no one will talk about her black eye after this one. Page Six has the details. At a book launch for Bad Mormon, an inquisitive TikToker inquired about Mary’s comeback. Heather responded, “Yes. All of it, yes.”

Mary is coming back in Friend capacity, not full-time. That said, upon learning of Mary’s return, the production company behind RHOSLC has already low-key started searching for other employment. Sources said Mary will “film a few scenes” with the ladies and included, “Mary wanted to come back”. This is very interesting considering she has previously labeled fellow cast members Heather and little girl Whitney Rose as “racists”.

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The source added Mary needed “time to process” the mess Jennie left behind. “Jennie’s racist posts really seemed to shake Mary, especially after Jennie threw a glass at her on camera,” they explained. “Mary was grateful for the time away from the cameras, but she seems ready to get back in the mix.”

Others needed time to process Mary’s aggressions after mocking Jennie’s accent and commenting on her “slanted eyes”. She also compared Jen to “Mexican thugs” saying, “When I think about Jen, I see heartless, I see a thug. Like, you know, those Mexican people that make all those drugs. To pit me with that?!” Bravo, LeeAnne Locken is holding on line one.

Mary famously chose not to attend the Season 2 reunion, which usually means you’re fired, but apparently not in this multiverse. Much like in my youth, the days of consequence are gone and Mary is getting camera ready. Stay tuned for her eyes rolling at every event and the looks of sheer disgust she gives her grandfather husband.


[Photo Credit: Chad Kirkland/Bravo]