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Southern Charm Star Olivia Flowers Reveals Austen Kroll Called Her “Inconsistent” After Her Brother Passed Away

Dating Austen Kroll is a choice. That’s it. That’s the whole entire article. Unfortunately, a few requirements exist for creating a readable piece of information to be submitted to a wide audience. Due to these stipulations, I’ll ensure you are provided enough data to confirm being with this man will not improve your self-worth, self-esteem, or self-image.

I fail to understand how enabling poor behavior has helped Austen in his personal life or his performance on Southern Charm. Has Austen ever had a job? I mean, outside of creating a beer that no one living beyond the Charleston city limits has voluntarily purchased? Oh that’s right, he earns his money by slowly making his way around every Bravo show with a cast under the age of 40. And if you happen to be over 40, that’s okay, too.

Keeping to his original show, Austen has dated his fair share of women on Southern Charm. From Madison LeCroy to Chelsea Meissner. We can’t forget Chelsea’s friend, Victoria Bolyard. He was most recently linked (staying strictly with Southern Charm here) to Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green. Before he hooked up with Taylor, he briefly dated Olivia Flowers.

Austen and Olivia didn’t work out, presumably because she has a brain and figured out being tall doesn’t mean you’ve landed a decent man. She dated Austen during Season 8 but he never stopped flapping his gums about other women long enough to make a good impression. By the time of the reunion, which was filmed in October 2022, they were totally done. While that was a great move for Olivia, there were some incredibly hard hits coming her way.

In January 2023, Olivia lost her brother Conner Flowers. He was found deceased in his home at the age of 32 years old. Obviously, this loss shook Olivia and her family to their core and the impact of Conner’s loss naturally impacted her ability to film the new Southern Charm season. During a time when she needed her friends the most, her good buddy Austen decided to criticize her for being “inconsistent.” What an incredibly selfish thing to say after losing a sibling. Page Six has the details.

Olivia was on an episode of Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay’s podcast, Scheananigans with Scheana Shay. She explained there will be a strained convo with Austen during Southern Charm’s season finale. Austen told Olivia she had “been inconsistent” since her brother’s death.

Scheana said, “You’re going through something very traumatic.” This was probably blatantly obvious to everyone but Austen. Olivia responded, “I didn’t have the words to say that. I was in the drama with him.”

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Looking back, Olivia wishes she had reacted differently. In hindsight, she would have said, “You don’t f–king matter. The fact that you think you’ve got any kind of real estate in my brain right now is so selfish.” Which might be a reasonable thing to say to Austen on any day that ends in Y.

While trying to process the loss of Conner, Olivia experienced an “emotional blackout” while filming Season 9. “I would have conversations [on camera] and wouldn’t even remember what was said,” she admitted. That’s heartbreaking. I wonder why she chose to film during such an awful time. Olivia said the smallest tasks could be overwhelming. “I just wasn’t there,” she confessed.

Olivia didn’t comment on Austen’s rumored hookup with Taylor, but she did speak about filming the show while navigating a friendship with an ex. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to not only be around him but form this friendship with new boundaries I didn’t have before. It sucked. It was so hard.” She doesn’t “want to hate” Austen and even “leaves parties early” to make that fool more comfortable. Ugh, that is not the way.

It looks like Olivia still has a lot of healing to do and we wish her the best. Hopefully, she and her family are receiving the care and support they need after suffering the loss of Conner.


[Photo Credit: Stephanie Diani/Bravo]