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Erika Jayne Accused Of Refusing To Submit Financial Records For Review; Erika’s CPA, Manager, Lawyer, And Landlord Will Be Investigated

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. That started at a restaurant, and totally went to shit. Greetings from the SS Screw You Over where Erika Jayne is reading up on how to tread water because her boat is about to meet an iceberg named Ronald Richards. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has another hole in the hull of the vessel that is her life and this one can’t be fixed with thoughts and prayers.

In addition to her marriage failing, her estranged husband losing everything and declaring dementia, and a plethora of legal cases, another giant wave has hit Erika. Recently we learned a special counsel was appointed to investigate EJ’s finances so long-suffering clients of Tom Girardi’s can finally get paid. Erika has been accused of either hiding or transferring assets so the courts don’t nab the good stuff for widows and orphans. Now it appears Erika has refused to grant access of her financials to the investigator, so he’s about to sink her battleship.

Attorney, Court Appointed Special Investigator, Legal Analyst, and dude you do not want to piss off, Ronald has new developments in Erika’s share of the Girardi bankruptcy case. Ronald’s job is to find the money Erika may or may not have shifted around in an effort to conceal funds or property from the courts. Tom acknowledged he has blown through approximately $80 million and “it’s gone”.

Erika claims to have taken nothing from the Pasadena Palace because the thieves did it for them and declined to hand over property because the stuff she has are “personal gifts” from Tommy. Apparently she won’t allow her taxes, financial records, or EJ Global to be reviewed, so Ronald got busy with some new paperwork.


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This week Ronald shared the news on Twitter, as he does. He wrote, “Special Litigation Counsel files 2004 exam motion for Erika Jayne’s family law attorney. Investigation continues…” You can view the documents here. The next day he shared, “Special Litigation Counsel just filed this motion for examination for Erika Jayne’s accountant and business manager.” Here are those papers. They are looking for “fraudulently transferred monies“. This means because Erika won’t give up the info herself, the courts are going after her money people directly. Requests have been filed to investigate her lawyers, accountant, and business manager.

But wait, there’s more! Ronald also wants Erika’s landlord – insert your own evil laugh here. According to Radar Online, Benjamin Khakshour can come on down because he’s the next contestant on The Price Is Racketeering. Ron wants Benjamin to pop by with a smile and financial records related to EJ renting his home.


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Keep in mind all of this is because there are suspicions of alleged transfers made by Tom to Erika. Like, oh, I don’t know, the $20 mil to EJ Global. If Tom moved money around when he knew his debts could not be paid, the appointed trustee could try to recover the money directly from Erika. Basically now everyone around Erika is looking for the helicopter in the sky and sweating a lot. Erika remains calm, cool, and collected, unless you clock her at the gas station. As for Tom, he’s still waiting for a ride home from work.


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