Erika Jayne Thinks There’s A “Snake” Who’s “Feeding Bad Info” To The Media

After months of silence, general apathy, and displaying most of her body parts on Instagram, Erika Jayne has spoken. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is battling multiple scandals in her personal life and it looks like the dam might have a crack in it. Things started heating up for Erika in November 2020 when she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi.

What followed was a dumpster fire of law suits with suspicions of fraud and embezzlement thrown in. It’s been easier for Erika to remain unbothered in the background while RHOBH wasn’t airing. But when the current season premiered and spawned a Hulu documentary about Tom and EJ’s allegations, it became difficult for Erika to stay under the radar. Last night EJ’s Twitter fingers got itchy and added another piece of the puzzle. First there were widows, then there were orphans, now we have… SNAKES.

Looks like the soap opera life Erika always dreamt of is finally getting to her and it’s all happening right in our very own backyard. Viewers want to hear from Erika. They want acknowledgment of remorse or empathy. We read about plane crashes with no survivors and families left to fend for themselves. A devastating explosion left a man with burns covering his body. This is not grifting from the government, this is brutal and difficult for folks to process.

Erika did voice her opinion on Twitter regarding pap shots of a casually-dressed errand day. Because, priorities. Now fans are questioning if the rumor she survives on the tears of puppies is true. Last night the dam cracked even more. Erika posted to Twitter, “When did everyone on Twitter become a fucking expert on others personal lives? Do you actually believe this shit?” Excuse me, ma’am? On a freaking reality television show and choosing to have her life filmed but now pissed because viewers comment on her personal life? If you can’t take the heat, stop stealing quit your job. And yes, some people do believe this shit. Because of the arrogance that is a chip on Erika’s shoulder and a handy dandy thing called evidence.


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One of the glam squad fired up the burner account because a follower wrote, “I know girl. They need something for entertainment. That’s why I never turn down the chance to suck a good dick and mind my own business lol.” Oh honey. The “entertainment” is called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and your diva is on it. And we didn’t ask anyone to use money from tragedies to be on this damn show. Naturally EJ retweeted this comment.

Then Erika dropped this whammy, “Everyone is so pressed. But I did find out the name of one of the snakes feeding bad info. No surprise really. This person always struck me as weak.” Erika did not elaborate on the reptiles in question, but obvious candidates include Lisa Vanderpump, Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy now hell-bent on a mission of revenge, and Taylor Swift. A follower offered some wise words and suggested EJ log off for the evening, but she snapped back, “You. First.” Yes girl, always out there making friends. Maybe if she hadn’t been so inherently cold over the years, the list of people willing to sell her out wouldn’t be so long.


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To further ignore the widows, orphans, and elephant in the room, a fan thought “unbothered ice queen” was a compliment and asked Erika about her new crib. She replied, “It’s cute.” Well what a relief when some of Tom’s clients can’t even afford to pay medical bills. So the “snakes” have been warned Erika is on to their slithering snitchery. The “evidence” leaked that supports Erika’s knowledge of fraud might only be accessible to a person with legal knowledge. So Erika might want to check under the bed because the snake could be calling from inside the house.


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