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Five Times Tom Sandoval Had Questionable Judgement On Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is in full crisis mode. No one had high expectations of Season 10 but the fallout from a nuclear explosion is sure to keep the media busy until the reunion airs. In a cast full of people with a love of themselves and a love of a camera, Tom SandEvil often appeared to have minimal toxicity when lumped together with the group. But praising Tom for being the least problematic is kind of like picking the smartest Kardashian.

Some viewers clocked Tom a long time ago. Never a fan of his and never fell victim to his seemingly good guy persona. These are the people we should have listened to. After the revelation that Tom has been cheating on longtime love Ariana Madix, he has fallen from grace. Swiftly and without haste, the only one standing by Tom now is his work wife, Tom Schwartz.

Former Tom appreciators are currently filled with moments of sincere reflection. Were there signs? Did we miss things because Jax Taylor was always around to keep the heat off? Were we blinded by a man who portrayed someone that cared about others so much he would gladly open his own wallet to help friends? Let’s review some of Tom’s less-than glorious moments, now viewed with a fresh outlook.

Stassi’s Book Party

I have never been enamored of Stassi Schroeder. Her love of Ranch dressing and all things basic only seemed to solidify a lack of substance or any surmountable evidence she functions on a level above Fred Flinstone. That said, in 2020 Stassi wrote a book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook. She wanted a book party to be held at Tom Tom. Stassi went through all proper procedures, speaking to Lisa Vanderpump and Schwartz, to organize her event. Sandoval did not feel sufficiently informed and proceeded to engage in a screaming match with Stassi whilst people stared in disbelief. It was ultimately a bad look for Tom because he stood there with a vitriolic smile on his face as Stassi reamed him a new one.

Revealing The Ariana/Lala Kent Hook-up

Things happen when you’re lost under a wave of vodka or… other stuff. Every Pump Rules fan knows the cast has no issue with being sexually free spirits. But sometimes a juicy (no pun intended) situation will take place when no cameras are around. Perhaps it was supposed to be a private moment only shared between the participating members. But if it happened around Tom, he will absolutely make sure he reveals it while filming. During a broseph interlude with Jax, Schwartz, James Kennedy, and Peter Madrigal, Tom joyously told the boys how Lala Kent and Ariana had taken day drinking into a night of deep diving. Ariana eventually called out Sandoval for trying “to sound cool in front of a bunch of guys.” He told her, “It’s not that big of a deal.” That red flag was just waving away.

The Bulldozer

To say Ariana has put up with a lot of crap is an understatement. But she is an adult who makes her own decisions and sometimes we have to live with those decisions after the fact. If your father’s passing leaves you melancholy and your significant other leaves for Vegas, do yourself a favor and leave your significant other. Back in 2015, Ariana was trying to celebrate her birthday. Surrounded by unicorns and bounce houses, she was suffering while celebrating. In an emotional conversation where Ariana basically begs for Tom’s support, he advises her he will be there forever – except for this one time because Peter arranged a bulldozing extravaganza that outweighed Ariana’s mental trauma. There were multiple red flags waving at this juncture.

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Miami Girl

Thanks to recent events, Miami Girl is being seen in a whole new light. Once a seemingly desperate attempt by Kristen Doute to catch her ex-boyfriend in a bad spot, Kristen was probably spot on. But the situation was nuts and could only be fueled by someone with a grudge. When Kristen communicated with Annemarie Kunkel on social media, she learned Sandoval did some extracurricular activities when on holiday in Miami. Allegedly. Kristen took it upon herself to fly Annemarie out to California in an effort to parade her in front of both Tom and Ariana while they were at SUR. Tom ran away and Ariana followed him. Because of Kristen’s reputation for stalking being slightly obsessed with Tom, the whole ordeal made Kristen look like a Stage 5 clinger. Hindsight being 20/20 makes me wish Annemarie would make a special appearance at the Season 10 reunion.

The Villain Era

For smart people, Tom has always been a low-key villain. He was shielded by louder, more socially unmanageable folks in previous seasons and it benefited his character arc. After having it all: a beautiful partner, amazing house, participating in two bars with a lot of potential, and starring on a television show, Tom was feeling himself a bit too much. Now everything is at risk. Tom and Rachel Raquel Leviss have been engaging in a months-long affair. His 9-year relationship with Ariana is over. Due to fans boycotting, his businesses are at risk. The extremely careful persona he developed over the years has been destroyed. Rather than come clean to Ariana and disclose his infidelity privately and without humiliating her, he is now weaponizing her mental health. We all see how that worked out for him.

These are just a few of the more prominent times Tom has shown a questionable side on Pump Rules. Now, as he struggles to repair what’s left of his public image, this list could become longer in no time.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]