Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Heads To Court Over Alleged Altercation With Raquel Leviss; Scheana’s Attorney Releases Statement

If it’s Wednesday, we wear sequins… to court! Vanderpump Rules struck gold this season thanks to a betrayal that shook the world of reality television. Unfortunately, there was collateral damage from the fallout of Tom Scumdoval’s affair with Rachel Raquel Leviss. And the collateral damage’s name is Ariana Madix.

That said, Team Ariana was born and it’s a bi-partisan club. People who normally despise each other found a bond in the name of collectively loathing a man who takes style notes from the movie Star 80.

Scheana Shay was all of us when she learned Rachel hooked up with an overrated karaoke singer. The deception of two people who had no qualms about repeatedly humiliating Ariana was too much for Scheana. She might have expressed dismay when an acrylic nail accidentally flew off her finger and landed in or around Rachel’s eyebrow. Allegedly.

The Bambi-eyed purveyor of bad choices was terrified of Scheana who could possibly be weighing several offers from the MCU. We can hopefully expect the first installment of Iron Nail around 2024. In the interim, Scheana will be in court because Raquel filed a restraining order against her.

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On March 7, 2023, Raquel put on her best athleisure ensemble and filed a TRO after Scheana’s ALLEGED physical confrontation. A court date was set for today, March 29, 2023. Since the filing, attendance for the Pump Rules reunion was in question for both Rachel and Scheana. The reunion went through with filming this week and it is now a non-factor.

Raquel attempted to save face and it didn’t go well. She made a big deal about not putting Scheana through further agony and dropping the restraining order. Scheana’s lawyer does not have time for this nonsense. And he let us know.

Neama Rahmani is a champion of keeping the lines of communication open. I would love to high-five this dude for caring enough about his client to contact media outlets specifically. Last evening Reality Tea received another statement. If Rachel was hoping the court date would magically disappear into the night like her good reputation, she was incredibly mistaken.

The statement reads: “We plan to show up in court tomorrow to prove these allegations are false and that Rachel lied about the entire thing. Despite reports that Rachel has dropped the temporary restraining order, the case remains on the court calendar for Wednesday, and we will be there to vigorously defend Scheana.” Ouch. Sucks to be Rachel right about now.

It continued: “If they want to move forward with this tomorrow, we’re going to need to request a continuance in order to get our witnesses lined up, but we feel very confident that we will prevail in this case.” Not the witnesses! I can only imagine there are about 19 people holding online– one fully prepared to have been a witness to Scheana jumping in her heels and trying to reach Rachel’s face. Your Honor – the People would like to know, in the year of Our Lord 2023, how were there no cellular phone videos of this purported event?

And finally: “The court has confirmed that the case is still on the calendar. These types of hearings cannot be dismissed so we must show up in order to resolve the matter or to seek the continuance to fight these scurrilous accusations and win.” Anyone reading this must promise to use the word “scurrilous” at least once a day for the remainder of the week.

Neama is not playing with you, Rachel! I hope she has some type of representation other than Sandoval after adopting his new persona of Boris Badenov. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as something leaks from the results of today’s court hearing.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]