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Top Real Housewives In The Hamptons Moments

Everyone needs a break sometimes and believe it or not, so do our Real Housewives. Real Housewives of New Jersey seem to have a particular affection for Mexico. Real Housewives of New York had a semi-regular trip to Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires estate. But it seems like EVERYONE eventually makes it to the Hamptons.

From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all the way to Real Housewives of Miami, at some point, the swanky southeastern end of Long Island calls to the wealthy and fabulous regardless of their home base. The Hamptons are so much of a thing, Bravo created a whole show revolving around the rosé-filled nightlife and never-ending drama.

Speaking of drama, the Real Housewives don’t allow a change of scenery to get in the way of causing a scene. Let’s revisit some of our favorite Real Housewives in the Hamptons moments we’ve been able to enjoy over the years. It seemed like the clear Long Island air has a way of getting under people’s skin. Lucky for us, cameras were there.

Real Housewives Of Miami / Season Four

The ladies down south traveled up north and it wasn’t a great trip for Real Housewives of Miami newcomer Julia Lemigova. It was Lisa Hochstein’s birthday and we found out Lisa can prepare eggs about as well as Julia can tolerate alcohol. Real Housewives are no strangers to medical events, and this jaunt to the Hamptons was no different.

Partying and replacing your blood with vodka is no small feat, but Julia was up for the task. Until she wasn’t. After an evening of antics, Julia woke up with a “medical emergency.” She had vomiting, dehydration, and an extra special bonus of raging diarrhea. You and I might call this “alcohol poisoning.” She was clearly in distress and suffering as her co-stars Adriana de Moura and Nicole Martin assessed the severity of Julia’s situation. The power of Vicki Gunvalson’s legacy of requiring a hospital stay on vacation compelled the ladies to contact emergency services.

Everyone was panicked, with the exception of Larsa Pippen who was concerned Julia’s possible demise could impact her jewelry launch event. Thankfully Julia survived thanks to the well-equipped healthcare team and a handy dose of electrolytes.

Real Housewives Of New York / Season Six

The Hamptons is a relatively quick trip from New York, depending on traffic. As RHONY star Sonja Morgan might say, a luxurious ride on the Jitney is the way to travel if no one else wants you in their car. Their Hamptons trip served burlesque, Luann de Lesseps drinking out of plastic cups, and surfing lessons. Ramona Singer was absent from this particular journey, so fewer people were insulted and a good time was had by all. Kind of.

Sonja’s burlesque show was the highlight of the Hamptons and the venue was basically an incredibly warm airplane hanger. Sonja was… ill-prepared to perform in front of a mirror, much less a crowd. She was literally melting into a puddle backstage trying to memorize the words to a song and gyrate her hips without someone calling 911.

Sonja ventured on the stage and fought for her life under the spotlight. Try-hard RHONY wannabe that never was an image consultant to anyone, Amanda Sanders hissed, “That’s what menopause looks like.” She was about 9 plastic cup martinis into the evening at that juncture. But Sonja’s sexy (?) performance in the Hamptons wasn’t the only exciting buzz in the air. #Bookgate was already hot and heavy, but we’ll have to save that for Part II of this series.

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills / Season Six

At the beginning of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, the gals packed up and headed to the opposite side of the US. Their destination was the Hamptons but the trip was fraught with issues. Lisa Vanderpump was the guest of honor at a magazine party and everyone was invited to attend. Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t very pleased about their lodging situation.

The boutique hotel was “too loud” for Kyle Richards and Eileen Davidson. Kyle enlisted the assistance of her real estate husband who found her a mansion so she could rest her raven tresses in style. In their defense, the hotel was a party-ish kind of place, but the way they ditched Lisa was not found in any etiquette books. Lisa wasn’t happy but didn’t make a huge deal out of their escape. You could tell she was miffed. And that wasn’t the only snafu in the Hamptons for this group. Then there was… the dinner party.

Because nothing good happens at a sit-down meal on these shows, the same holds true in this scenario. During this lovely occasion where people came together to break bread in peace, LVP decided she wanted to get to know Eileen a little better. She began to inquire as to how Eileen met her current husband, Vincent Van Patten. Harmless question unless your relationship began on an unconventional note and explaining it makes you feel some type of way. Eileen took Lisa’s curiosity in the Hamptons and held onto that chip until it developed into a perfectly viable, well-formed grudge. Eileen never forgave Lisa for asking how things started with Vinnie. And we all learned what questions not to ask Eileen during that season.

Real Housewives Of New York / Season Twelve

RHONY Season 12 came in like a lion and… also went out like a lion. It was our introduction to Leah McSweeney and to put it mildly, we weren’t ready. Leah was a breath of fresh air into a franchise that needed a lift. Leah was younger, has knuckle tatts, and seemingly didn’t care what too many people thought of her. She had quite an unconventional youth, which was plagued with poor behavior and substance abuse.

When Blue Stone Manor was under construction and the ladies hoofed it to Ramona’s pad in the Hamptons, Leah decided to go DEFCON 2 and everyone was on the highest alert possible. She had a difficult relationship with alcohol and the alcohol was winning whatever internal battle was being fought. After two days of deciding not to drink, Leah started making up for lost time.

There was nudity. There was litter. We also had some launched tiki torches. At one point we had Ramona in a weird marine-themed sex room on a child’s carnival ride. No wonder rich people are always in the news for being weird. As icing on the cake, this was the time in our lives when the core memory of Luann’s “lower level” phase began. Remember when RHONY would just go to the Hamptons to play tennis? Those times are long gone my friends, just like the original Real Housewives of New York. Thankfully, our Hamptons memories will remain with us forever.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]