Erika Jayne Wants The NFL To Pay Her & Tom Girardi’s Clients With $20 Million From NFL Concussion Lawsuits

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: From Estella To Cruella star Erika Jayne is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. God, just once I want to write about how Erika has humbled herself and scheduled a free performance of her smash hit Party People to a devoted crowd and donated profits to victims of Tom Girardi’s fraud. Because five bucks is five bucks and that’s about all Erika would get for singing these days.

While a team of lawyers are looking for money to pay back innocent people who were duped, Erika is looking for money for… Erika. Oh my lord, we’re gonna need her to read the room at some point. In Erika’s latest legal move, she wants to make sure Tommy’s stuff isn’t being sold for cheap. Because on top of PG&E explosion victims, Woolsey fire victims, and half of California, Tom apparently owes Erika money too. Step aside widows and orphans, Erika is about to cut in line.

As you may have figured out, this is not the article where we examine Erika’s recent display of remorse. Instead we’ll learn about how Erika is now lumping herself in with the people who didn’t profit from allegedly defrauding victims out of millions of dollars and displaying blood money on national television. Now that Erika is being investigated, has major bills to pay, and no longer has a man funding her life, she’s looking to cash in on that whole lack of prenup situation.

Naturally there’s a plan and according to Radar Online, suddenly Tommy is worth a lot more after all. Court documents show Erika’s lawyer is demanding assets of Tom’s estate not to be sold at yard sale prices because Erika is OWED MONEY TOO, YOU GUYS. Here’s the brilliant strategy. Before Tommy lost his law license and everyone found out he is a huge criminal, allegedly, he represented former NFL athletes in over 100 lawsuits against the NFL. The bankruptcy trustee proposed transferring the estate’s interest in NFL concussion lawsuits to another law firm because Girardi Keese no longer exists.


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Fun Fact: Under California law, EJ is still entitled to a cut of any money left over after Tom’s debts are paid. So Erika wants to “maximize” the value of Tom’s estate and had her lawyers file an objection to the NFL case transfer because they could wind up being profitable. Per her attorney, “Ms. Girardi has a 12th-grade education, was never a GK attorney, and had no role in the operation or management of GK. Ms. Girardi was, however, married for approximately 20 years to Thomas Girardi, whom we understand is the 100% equity holder of GK. Ms. Girardi filed a petition for divorce from Mr. Girardi on or about November 3, 2020; and there was no pre-nuptial agreement.” Well her lawyers went from Ms. Jayne to Ms. Girardi real quick, huh?

So much for that not having a pre-nup because it wouldn’t matter anyway crap, amirite? Erika says she believes all of Tom’s pending cases could be “extremely valuable” and “potentially sufficient to pay all legitimate creditors in full, including victims of GK, leaving a surplus of millions of dollars for equity”. And GO FIGURE, the leftover money would allow Erika to receive compensation as well. The NFL cases could be worth upwards of $20 million, so says EJ, and she wants the court to step in.


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The judge has not made a decision, but let’s all take a moment and appreciate Erika’s high school education affording her the logistic reasoning of suddenly finding a plethora of extra funds to take from Tom. Perhaps in Erika’s continuous quest for money to make sure she doesn’t have to suffer driving a Range Rover forever, she will accidentally stumble upon a moral compass in her search.


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