Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice

Husbands Of Real Housewives Who Are Around Too Much

Part of reality television is showing one’s “real life” – or at least the “real life” they wantital you to see. Under that umbrella finds friends of the show and of course, family.

It’s no secret Real Housewives can provide overnight fame. Might not be the fame they expected, but fame nonetheless. And then we have… the Husbands. Many times the spouses of Real Housewives will go relatively unseen while the show is filming. Otherital times the Husbands are there so much, you would think they vying for the option to wear a ball gown and hold something randomly related to their city at the head of the show. Here are a few Housewives Husbands who might need to have a seat.

Real Housewives of Dubai / Sergio Carrallo

Season 1 of Real Housewives of Dubai gifted viewers with the return of Ladies of London alum, Caroline Stanbury. We anticipated lavish homes, luxurious scenery, and a completely new cast of women to analyze fall in love with. What we were not expecting was the constant appearance of Caroline’s new puppy husband, Sergio Carrallo. Granted, Caroline was planning a wedding, but my god, the dude seemed to find the camera like a bloodhound searching for steak. That said, Caroline’s co-stars questioned their inability to separate when production commenced. Good ‘ol Serg was seen so much, people began wondering if he was just kind of fame-whoring around. As of September 2022, RHOD has not been confirmed for a Season 2, but I’m sure Sergio has a vision board prepared to manifest more camera time.

Real Housewives of New Jersey / Richie Wakile

The current line up of Real Housewives of New Jersey has some great Husbands. In fact, the Husbands are so beloved, they HAVE A CALENDAR. The guys are fun to watch because they somehow manage to deflect their wives’ multiple disagreements with hilarious drunken antics and what appears to be genuine affection for each other. And then there was Richie Wakile. Kathy Wakile used to star on RHONJ and Richie was there every step of the way. I’m not even sure he was intentionally on camera, he just seemed to be everywhere. He was there to talk over his wife. He was there to make assumptions. And he was there to generally irritate anyone who came into contact with him. Kathy was on the main cast Seasons 3 – 6, also related to Teresa Giudice, which can probably cause most people to have an unsavory personality. But Richie often took it to the next level. I feel confident in saying there might be a few people who miss Kathy, but no one with a pulse misses Richie.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Mauricio Umansky

Christ, we get it. Mauricio Umansky is the best real estate agent in the whole wide world. Mauricio Umansky founded The Agency. Mauricio Umansky… now goes on cast trips? In the past, it was unusual to see a Husband on a filmed vacation unless it was a couples’ trip. But Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ hubby is changing the game. Mauricio even showed up on Kyle’s Ultimate Girls’ Trip stint. Why, you might ask? Because he’s probably providing the rental homes the ladies stay in. Unless you live under a rock, you already know The Agency has 35 locations globally and will probably want to open a site on the Moon in early 2025. In Mauricio’s defense, Kyle inserts him every chance she gets, but fans of RHOBH have definitely seen Mo so much they are immune to his fondness of edibles and his incredibly white, new veneers. In the event Mauricio misses an episode and you long for more, simply purchase some of The Agency swag – because we see a lot of that too.

Real Housewives of Atlanta / Kroy Biermann

You simply cannot have a conversation about clingy husbands and not acknowledge Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s man. Kroy Biermann was a successful NFL player, in 2008 he joined the Atlanta Falcons as an outside linebacker. Two years later he met Kim and, well, that was kind of the end of Kroy’s successful athletic journey. While Kroy wasn’t the kind of guy to seek out the camera and push his way into cast parties or events, his lovely bride pretty much made him escort her everywhere and turned him into an under-appreciated Uber driver. If you didn’t see Kroy, he was still there. Kim stripped him of any masculinity and turned him into her wig wrangler. Kroy, we know you didn’t mean to be around so much.

Real Housewives of New Jersey / Luis Ruelas

Real Housewives of New Jersey will feature a wedding next season. A wedding that involves a massive amount of sequins and a hairstyle that was talked about more than the dress. Yep, Teresa Giudice went and married Luis Ruelas, despite his troubled past and multiple warnings from friends. Judging by Luis’ appearances thus far, you don’t need a crystal ball to know he’s not going to let Tre get out of his sight. So I hope you really, really love Luis because he’s about to come in hot for RHONJ Season 13. Even Teresa is warning us getting us all giddy with anticipation for seeing his red face on a regular basis while Tre whines about Joe Gorga for the 135,000th time. Yes, we’ll see Luis in their new home. Luis trying to fit in with the husbands who fans actually like. Probably Luis in interviews wearing custom Ed Hardy blazers. Gee, I can’t wait, how about you?


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]