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Tom Sandoval’s Restaurant Schwartz & Sandy’s Responds To Backlash Amid Raquel Leviss Affair

They’re speaking with their wallets. In response to Tom Sandoval’s betrayal of long-time love Ariana Madix, Vanderpump Rules fans have gone after his new business. Schwartz & Sandy’s received a flood of negative reviews on Yelp. Additionally, many followers called for a boycott of the West Hollywood restaurant after news broke that Tom was having an affair with co-star Raquel Leviss.

A representative of the establishment posted a statement on behalf of the staff and investors. According to Us Weekly, the statement was posted Saturday to Schwartz & Sandy’s Instagram page. It reads, “In light of the recent news we appreciate the many words of support but we also understand the outpouring of outrage that has been directed towards our businesses. However, those of us who are not famous have dedicated our time hearts, and money to make this restaurant a reality.”

It seems like the threat is real for them to issue such a statement. Future investors should question whether their famous business partner has the audacity to cheat on his girlfriend of nine years, after gushing about how “respectful” he is of her. Sources say some of Tom and Raquel’s trysts happened under Ariana’s own roof while she was sleeping.

“We too are disappointed by the current situation as Ariana has always been a good friend and a great supporter of the restaurant,” the post continued. “We appreciate that you may feel a certain way but please understand that the livelihoods of others also depend on this business. There are four more people involved in this venture other than just Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz.”

Schwartz & Sandy’s has become ground zero for heartache for the Pump Rules ladies. Katie Maloney seemingly blames the restaurant for the demise of her marriage to Schwartz. Raquel was lurking around to take photos with Schwartz and post them to social media. Just to stick it to his ex-wife. Now, Sandoval’s poor behavior will be associated with the trendy eatery, hence the public backlash.

The statement concluded, “Our staff, from the waitresses and bartenders to the cooks and dishwashers, all have had nothing to do with this unfortunate situation. Please take into consideration, that posting negative comments affects more than just the individual you may be upset with. Our goal has always been to create a place where our community can come and enjoy a fun atmosphere with good food and friendly service and we intend to continue to focus on that endeavor. ”

More details of Ariana and Tom’s relationship have emerged. A source revealed, “They were having problems for a while.” But their relationship “only came to a breaking point” after Ariana discovered sexually explicit videos of Raquel on her ex-boyfriend’s phone.

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The backlash against his restaurant is concerning enough that Sandoval came out of hiding to make a social media statement. He wrote on Instagram, “Hey, I fully understand and deserve ur anger & disappointment towards me, but please leave Schwartz, my friends and family out of this situation … Schwartz specifically only found out about this very recently, and most definitely did not condone my actions. This was a very personal thing. Also, Schwartz & Sandy’s might have my name on it, but also there are 3 other partners and 20 employees, who especially rely on the restaurant for income for them and their families. Just like TomTom, I’m a small part of a much bigger thing. Please direct ur anger towards me and not them. They did nothing wrong,” Sandoval said.

Meanwhile, Sandoval ended the statement by apologizing to his team. He included Lisa Vanderpump’s friend, Greg, who was featured on the show. He wrote, “I’m so sorry that my partners, Greg, Brett, and Schwartz and our employees have to suffer for my actions. I will be taking a step back & taking a hiatus out of respect for my employees & partners.”

Obviously Sandoval was thinking solely about his financial interests. Ariana is not mentioned at all. Tom’s Vanderpump Rules co-stars were quick to call him out on his priorities. Outspoken Lala Kent was first up to bat. She shared the statement on her Instagram Story with the caption, “Where’s Ariana’s apology in this? It’s called narcissism … & and it’s terrifying.”

Raquel’s ex-fiance, James Kennedy, has been following the drama closely. He posted, “Where’s Ariana Madix mentioned? Make sure y’all unfollow this clown RIGHT NOW GO,” before deleting the screenshot of Sandoval’s apology.

“Where’s the mention of hurting Ariana?! No apologies to her?” Katie demanded on her Instagram Story. She, Scheana Shay, and Kristen Doute were spotted at Ariana’s house over the weekend to offer support to their “heartbroken” friend.


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