Tom Sandoval Violates Ariana Madix’s Trust On Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules

Tonight the Vanderpump Rules crew parties too hard and experiences lapses in judgment. You know, something new and different! Except for this time, Tom Sandoval also jeopardizes his relationship with Ariana Madix by sharing details about her personal life in mixed company. Oopsie. First, everyone visits Scheana Marie‘s new shrine, aka the apartment where she lays her massive self-photo collection. But Scheana isn’t just showing off her new place, she’s also showing off her new man by revealing that she and Adam Spott have finally gotten physical.

Billie Lee almost gets physical too when she erupts on Lala Kent over last week’s Girls Night In at SUR. Next, the group celebrates Tom 1 and Jax Taylors joint birthday with a old-skool 80’s night at the roller rink. Didn’t someone already do this party in the past? Maybe Scheana? Copying from Scheana… the horror! Afterward while hanging out with the guys, Tom makes a shocking revelation about something that happened between Lala and Ariana. Ariana is furious that Tom would violate her trust this way.

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Finally, Lisa Vanderpump unveils the fully completed TomTom! Tom 1 and Tom 2 poop their pants with glee. Underneath the glittering lights of a million dollar custom chandeliers, they hold each other tightly, locked in their actualized reality of forever togetherness. Oh, to have LVP as your Svengali… Tune in to Bravo tonight at 9 PM to watch a brand new Vanderpump Rules episode. Join us in the comments section of this article to discuss the episode as its airing. Follow us on Twitter for some live tweeting fun! And as always, make sure to check out my Vanderpump Rules recap tomorrow morning!

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