Most Dramatic Vanderpump Rules Fights

None of the shows on Bravo have an ensemble cast of people who always get along. If there were no arguments, gossiping, or drunken antics, we would probably turn the channel. This is why we watch, right?

No program gifts us with plenty of drama more than our beloved Vanderpump Rules. After what seems like an eternity, VPR is gearing up to premier Season 10. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reflect on some of the finer moments Vanderpump Rules has given us, and by that I mean the fights.

Season 1 – Jax Taylor vs His Sweater and Frank Herlihy

Picture it, 2013, Vegas. You hear the faint, shrill cries of “it’s my birthdayyyy” in the distance. The core Vanderpump Rules group travels to Sin City to celebrate Stassi Schroder’s very existence. The mood is tense, the friends are irritated, and no one but Stassi likes her new amor, Frank Herlihy. Stassi’s former lover Jax Taylor was mad with jealousy, could not handle the new spark blossoming between icky Frank and irritating Stassi. In a secret plan hatched by the one brain cell shared between Jax, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz, Jax stowed away on this trip to make a surprise appearance. While Stassi sat filled with glee at a restaurant celebration, Jax stormed in to the surprise of only Frank and Stassi because all of her friends totally knew… As Frank tried to form a sentence, Jax became enraged and suddenly all hell broke loose. Beer was on hair, chairs were overturned. Jax and Sandoval were… shirtless in the parking lot. Ultimately production had to get involved to break up the outburst of testosterone. If nothing else, Jax’s chunky sweater should have gotten a check for that episode.

Season 2 – Stassi Schroeder’s Hand vs Kristen Doute’s Face

When you cheat with your best friend’s boyfriend, who is also one of the most untrustworthy humans on national television, chances are someone is going to find out. Even if that someone comes in the form of Tequila Katie Maloney. After Katie’s loose lips gave way to some salacious info, Stassi made it her mission in life to find out the truth. That said, the girl has pretty good instincts. The rumor of Jax hooking up with Kristen Doute dominated the season and ultimately dominated Kristen too. She tried, she lied, lied, and denied – but the faint promise of Jax getting into Stassi’s good graces again was too much for this simple man. For the first time, he told the truth. Stassi invites everyone to a bar and confronts Kristen about the rumor directly. Kristen lies. Sandoval tries to become invisible at the bar. Jax appears from Hell and confirms the dirty deed was done, much to Kristen’s surprise. Then Stassi calls Kristen a dirty whore and slaps her upside her face. The group was never quite the same after that one.

Season 2 – Tom Sandoval vs Jax Taylor’s Forehead

It finally happened, the fallout from Jax banging Faith Kristen. The reasonably composed Sandoval gave Jax what he deserved. Scheana Marie just wanted to celebrate herself her upcoming marriage to Mike Shay at a lovely SUR party. Surrounded by flowers, Lisa Vanderpump, and all of her relatives, the enemies come face to face. Because she invited them to gather in the same room… Jax’s lackadaisical attitude towards Tom’s pain of betrayal became too much for Tom. He took his shot and it landed directly on Jax’s forehead. As Jax began to smile and bleed, production got on their knees and thanked the Lord for these unscrupulous people who allow cameras to capture their complete lack of decency.

Season 3 – Tom Sandoval vs James Kennedy

Sandoval started the season with some pent up frustration left over from his best friend plowing his girlfriend on his favorite couch. Kristen had moved on with 22-year-old SUR busboy James Kennedy. When Scheana had one of her ill-fated parties to celebrate her birthday, the gang gathered at a local bar to sing Good as Gold and shower Scheana with love. Unfortunately the only thing she was showered with was broken glass. Being the great guy he is, Sandoval showed up at the event and spied Kristen and James with his little eye. Kristen had been talking smack about Tom and he decided to have a one on one convo about her obsession inability to leave him alone. James came over and goaded Tom to the point where he lost his shit and swung on him. While the fight was brief, it was messy and had many layers. Kristen enjoyed every minute of what she thought was two men fighting over her. Bless her heart.

These are only a few of the juicy early season disagreements, so many more to come.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]