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Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: It’s All Happening

Welcome back for another week of Vanderpump Rules! Are you keeping upLala Kent is angry with Raquel Leviss because she finds her hard to trust. Raquel is mad at Lala because she previously hooked up with her boyfriend and has a temper. Scheana Shay is on Raquel’s side but also has a growing friendship with Lala since they’ve bonded over motherhood.

Tom Schwartz is making moves on Raquel which upsets both Katie Maloney and James KennedyAriana Madix never picks a side, and is somehow business partners with Katie, best friends with Scheana, and living with Raquel’s actual boyfriendTom Sandoval

Andros Approved

James’ dad Andros made an appearance this week. He’s come with brand new teeth to enable his son’s drinking. Once again, I cannot avoid the pity I feel for James. The advice he received from his dad is that it’s impossible to work as a DJ and be sober. He told James that binge drinking is a “right of passage,” and that he has never thought James has a problem with alcohol. Andros continued handing out free advice and approved of James wanting to marry Ally Lewber.

Later, ArianaScheanaLala, and Ally get together. They discussed the fact that Ally and James consider themselves twin flames, a phrase typically reserved for toxicity and love bombing. Scheana mentioned that James was asking for details about how long he’d have to be away from Ally in Mexico during the upcoming wedding. Ally admitted she doesn’t really care to be invited to the ceremony itself. She feels like James only wants her there because Raquel has a date. 

Lala And Scheana Reunite

LalaScheana, and Brock Davies filmed a scene out to lunch. Lala brought up Raquel quickly, and she seems poised to create interpersonal drama at Scheana’s upcoming wedding/filming event. The Witches of WeHo 2.0 have been plotting. 

Lala told Scheana that she can’t be expected to control herself around Raquel during the wedding in Mexico. I’m not even clear on what she’s still mad about. Was it the Oliver Saunder’s bit? Or the “you don’t have a man” truth bomb? Either way, Lala is going to have to separate from the group during any bridesmaid’s events. No doubt to spend time in Katie’s busted wing of the hotel listening to Creed. 

The lunch conversation then shifted to the growing bond between LalaBrock, and Scheana. Scheana admitted that she has even considered a fantasy life where she and Lala live close to each other as celibate sister-wives. Lala is eating her words after her previous attacks on Brock for being a deadbeat dad. She even gives a crying apology for the camera. Any bets on how long this peace treaty will last? 

Party At LVPs! 

It’s a surprise bridal shower for Scheana and everyone was there except Katie. Which also means Kristina Kelly wasn’t there, I guess. I can’t tell yet if Kristina is auditioning to be a cast member or Katie’s emotional support human. Regardless, this gave Tom Schwartz a free pass to flirt with Raquel.

And flirt they do. Raquel and Schwartz started talking about ass tattoos within feet of James. James was frustrated because he continues to feel completely entitled to Raquel’s attention for some reason. He begins drunkenly juggling Lisa Vanderpump’s china and talking about putting blue-eyed babies “into” Ally. He claimed that if Brock can make two kids, why shouldn’t he? What would Andros say about this?!

Strip Mall Bar

Schwartz and Sandy’s, or as James likes to call it, TomTom, looks terrible in daylight. We were treated to a mid-day scene in the unopened restaurant because Greg has finally hired a functioning chef. During the scene, Katie introduced herself as Schwartz’s best friend. I’m completely unsure why she’s there. 

Later, Sandoval invited everyone to a party at TomTom Schwartz and Sandy’s after the bridal shower. James was still drunk, and he begged Scheana to give him a plus-one to her wedding for Ally. She and Brock agree. I can’t help but feel happy for poor sad James to get a win in this episode. Why am I like this?!

Schwartz then took Raquel to do a sound bath just outside the men’s bathroom, where he encourages her to take deep breaths. He sheepishly admits to owning his own galaxy light, and Rachel invites him to bring it to Mexico. Wink wink. 

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Everyone Is In Mexico

We’re finally there. It’s time to get out our magnifying glasses and hyper-analyze every scene involving Schwartz, RaquelSandoval, and Ariana. This is supposedly where it all goes awry

There was a scene of Ariana saying she was excited to have quality time with Sandoval during this trip. Deeply disturbing. It then cuts to Raquel meditating with her galaxy light. Deeply disturbing. It then cuts again, this time to James crawling on the floor trying to get Ally’s attention while she ignores him. Deeply disturbing. 

Lisa Vanderpump calls Katie and Ariana to let them know they got the restaurant space they had wanted. They are officially business owners, and it’s all happening! Ariana’s life will be changed forever after this week. 

The final scene of the show was Ariana screaming at James for his aggressive and dysregulated behavior earlier in the trip toward one of Brock’s friends. Things become heated, and Ally walked out due to embarrassment. She said in her confessional that she felt like she doesn’t know who she is dating. 


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