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According To Lala Kent “Security Got Involved” During Filming Of Vanderpump Rules Reunion

We know, we know. Obviously sparks were going to fly during the Vanderpump Rules reunion. In light of the deception between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, it left little doubt we would see some type of physical interaction spawned from the rage of betrayal.

Since the taping last week, rumors have been swirling that there was indeed a moment of discourse. Pump Rules security was apparently called in to protect Lisa Vanderpump’s multiple rows of diamonds and not-so-much Sandoval’s precious hair-free forehead.

Our boots on the ground come in the form of Lala Kent, who was ready to get down and dirty. Bound by the laws of nature and an NBC Universal contract, she can’t say much, but she did confirm blows were thrown and things got pretty tense. Page Six has the details of the reunion brawl we can’t wait to see.

On Amazon Live, Lala said, “security got involved” and Big Daddy Andy Cohen got in the mix too. “Andy [Cohen] got involved [and] he could hardly control it.” To be fair, Andy can’t even control Teresa Giudice, so this isn’t a reflection of the ferocious nature of the altercation.

Lala added, “I won’t say who was trying to brawl or whatever. But it was very heated the entire day.” Right. We know there was a fight but we don’t know who was fighting. Most odds were favoring a Tom Schwartz clash with Sandoval. As unlikely as it seems that Schwartz would emerge from his regular fugue state of bewilderment, he is the prime candidate as one of the possible opponents.

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But could Schwartz actually summon enough ovary strength to go after his one and only soulmate? That’s a big question mark. The other feasible contender would be none other than DJ James Kennedy. A hand-slapping competition between these two I can see.

It must have shocked everyone including Lala. She assumed her co-stars would “be able to show up and be normal and then talk about” the Scandoval affair. Oh come on Lauryn, no you didn’t. She shared, “The second I sat down it was nails up, two fingers directed at whoever I was talking to.” So basically another average Thursday for Lala.

On Instagram, Lala told her fans after the cameras cut she wanted “to crawl into a hole and sob and scream.” This sounds about right. Aside from the whole Wreckquel mess with Scandoval, Lala had her own issues to speak on. She “completely blacked out” and felt both “disgusting” and “sick” after the drama.

Insiders said the question that ignited the stage wasn’t from Sandoval, Rachel, or Ariana Madix. This is why I’m looking at you, White Kanye! Despite his breakup with Raquel, he is clearly bothered by her undercover bedroom antics with a guy cosplaying as the Wish.com version of Zorro.

Roving reporter Jax Taylor also told Extra the fight happened and he knows all of the details. Seeing as Jax is salivating to get back on the show, he’s not going to risk a second shot by spilling the goods. He said, “There was security there. There [were] almost brawls.” He added “two boys” almost went to brawl town and he has since “talked to one of them.” This further adds to my suspicion of James and Schwartz because I’m fairly sure Jax would not consider either of them “men”.

After the reunion, Sandoval and his now-main-piece grabbed a bite to eat because obviously ruining lives is an appetite stimulant. Sources claim the couple wants to make their relationship work but know “the odds are stacked against them as a couple.” Up next, Sandoval and Rachel enter the “it’s you and me against the world” phase and continue their trauma bond. Isn’t that just precious?


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