Katie Maloney

5 Times Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney Used Good Judgement

A lot of times watching shows on Bravo is a comforting tactic that highlights someone acting much worse than yourself, anyone you know, or anyone you will meet in the future. To be honest, any episode of a given show is us watching someone about to make a huge mistake.

Vanderpump Rules follows a cast of friends who work together and play together. At least that was the premise when the show premiered. Fans have watched their favorites get married, have children, get divorced, and try to not completely fail at life while a camera is following them. Sometimes our faves manage to make decisions that are positive and healthy, that will benefit themselves or the lives of others. Since it doesn’t happen often, it’s worth pointing out the rare times good judgment was used. Katie Maloney, starts us off because she made the best decision of her life this year.

Katie Apologizes to Lala Kent

Longtime viewers of Vanderpump Rules can probably co-sign that most of the female cast suffered from a bit of jealousy when Lala Kent joined the show. Lala was pretty, young, and clearly wasn’t trying to take anyone’s shit. Naturally Katie and the rest of her chums relied on hearsay, risqué photos, and the fact that all of the men were ogling her to pass judgment on Lala. Katie and her squad basically slut shamed Lala, but they probably would have done that to any attractive single woman joining the crew. Thankfully, Katie had a change of heart and acknowledged her poor actions during the Pump Rules Season 5 reunion. Fans saw something they weren’t used to seeing – an apology.

Katie Does Not Hop On the Baby Train

Right, so the VPR pregnancy pact freaked me out, I’m not gonna lie. It seemed to be more about staying relevant than multiplying and being fruitful. Honestly to watch a group of women with questionable lifestyles become pregnant at the same time was some next level weirdness. That said, there are some precious new babies to love and who doesn’t want a kid just because your friends are doing it too? Katie Maloney, that’s who. It would appear Katie and Ariana Madix were the only ladies to not participate in the pregnancy pact and I applaud this decision every time I watch the show. I’m guessing whatever idea was behind the pregnancy pact didn’t come to fruition seeing as half the cast was fired, splitting up any hopes of a Vanderpump Babies spinoff. Well done, Katie and Ariana.

Katie Decides To Stop Taking Stassi Schroeder’s Crap

Remember when Stassi Schroeder dominated pretty much all of Vanderpump Rules? If it wasn’t her horrible relationship with Jax Taylor, it was HER BIRTHDAY, or her friend group, hating someone in particular, or blah, blah, blah. It was pretty well known she was the “leader” and if you didn’t agree with her, you would be placed on the back burner in Nowheresville. At one point, Katie got sick and tired of Stassi’s shit. When Stassi got pissed at Katie for having the sheer audacity to acknowledge Scheana Shay, Katie was on the receiving end of the silent treatment. When Katie chose to attend a party with her boyfriend against Stassi’s wishes, she was punished for that as well. Then Katie decided to ovary up and give Stassi as good as she got – and it was glorious. The two friends didn’t communicate for quite some time but reconciled when Stassi realized she absolutely was not the number one girl in the group. Ultimately Stassi was fired from the show, so it is definitely fair to say Katie won both the battle and the war.

Katie Shares Her Abortion Journey

Politics have been overshadowing most of our programming the past few years. There seems to be less understanding and “live and let live” and more “you’ll live the way I’ll tell you and you’ll like it.” Everyone has an opinion and these opinions are strong and could very well impact someone’s feelings about how you live your life. When Katie and now ex-husband Tom Schwartz began discussing their fertility journey, Katie also opened up about terminating a pregnancy early in their relationship. And boy did she take some hits for this admission. Not allowing the trolls to sidetrack her message, Katie shared she was not mentally or financially prepared for a child. She and Tom had not even been together for a year and were constantly fighting. Katie made the right decision for her life and herself before bringing another human into the world under circumstances that were not ideal. Props to Katie for sharing this incredibly intimate story in an effort to help others in a similar position.

Katie Gets Her Life Back

Fans do not know Katie without Tom Schwartz. We have never seen these two apart and many will be watching the new season of Pump Rules to see how these core cast members navigate ending their marriage. I’m not sure anyone who watches thought we would be getting a 50th anniversary party with Katie and Tom, who have seemed to struggle since cameras started rolling. It was a big deal when they got married, and now it’s a big deal they are getting divorced. Katie dealt with… a lot. Schwartz had cheated. This man could not hold down a job. He thought Jax Taylor was wise beyond his years. I get it, Schwartz is cute to look at but not suitable for a relationship unless you enjoy taking care of toddlers for free. No one is surprised this marriage is over but there was valid concern the habitual coupling would prevent either of them from moving on. In March of 2022, Katie made the big jump and filed for divorce, thus freeing herself from years of frustration and picking random liquor bottles and muumuus off the floor. This has to be probably the best judgement call Katie has made in a very long time.


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