Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Reveals Who She Is Closest To On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills And Why She’ll Never Turn On Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is apparently on clean-up duty and trying to explain herself. Again. Over the years people have questioned Kyle’s definition of “loyalty.” After spending seasons with two of her sisters, she has often placed her friends’ opinion over those of the people she grew up with.

People are genuinely curious as to how Kyle’s mind operates. She has openly berated Kim Richards, who faced an active addiction. Yet she showed little ire towards former co-star Lisa Rinna when she couldn’t keep Kim’s name out of her mouth. She lost a BFF relationship with Lisa Vanderpump. Without any evidence other than rumor, she accused Lisa of selling stories to the media.

And now, after the disaster that was RHOBH Season 12, Kyle is explaining why she remained loyal to Erika Jayne amid her numerous legal issues. Now Reality Blurb! has the details.

Kyle appeared on Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge’s podcast, Two T’s In A Pod. Kyle said, “These girls are all important to me, the women on the show, some more than others, obviously. I have a history with them, and when I have had hard times, they really have been there for me, which is why it’s hard.”

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Kyle seems to have a problem going against the ladies who have supported her. Unlike a sibling who would probably tell her the truth. And apparently Kyle does not believe in holding people accountable, unless she’s related to them. “We get called out like, ‘Why aren’t you calling out Erika and yelling at her?’ Even though I know what the audience is saying, I’m not stupid. I read the same things,” Kyle explained. “I understand that people are like, ‘What the hell? Give the earrings back.’ I get all that.” But you guys, because Erika called Kyle and asked about her tv show that was on for five minutes, she receives absolution from only thinking about herself and not the hundreds of people her husband scammed out of money.

“[But] it’s very hard when someone [has] been there for you for seven years and when I didn’t have my sisters … When she’s [Erika’s] calling me and saying, ‘I just want you to know, Kyle, I’m really proud of you. You’ve done an incredible job with American Woman,'” Kyle said. Allow me to remind you Kyle “didn’t have her sisters” because Kathy Hilton was furious when Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic for ratings in Season 1.

Kyle said Erika and other co-stars have attended her events and been “really supportive” of her. Which is nice, but isn’t that in their damn job description? “It’s really hard. That’s probably the hardest thing about the Housewives, to sit there, ‘I’m gonna call you out.’ Really? This person’s been nothing but kind to me,” she added. Oh okay, so the people causing havoc in your family and the people who are clearly living outside of any moral compass are NICE to Kyle. So they get a pass.

Kyle continued, “So I have to split myself and go, ‘I understand what we’re reading but we don’t know the truth yet so I’m going to reserve judgment because she’s been a good friend to me.’” As for who gets Kyle’s empty best buddy spot, she named Dorit Kemsley and Sutton Stracke as the honorees. Does Sutton know this? Methinks this statement was probably before Sutton’s pic with Lisa Vanderpump in Paris.

The clean-up continues ahead of Season 13 and we know Kyle is afraid of Erika staying loyal to her friends. I guess the name of the game is – if you want Kyle on your side, you can do pretty much anything but be her sister.


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