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Celebrities Who Freely Admit To Being Bravo Super Fans

Celebrities- sometimes they are just like us. Sure they live in multi-million dollar homes and receive paychecks with seven figures for emoting in front of a camera. Their lives are filled with fast cars and exciting social occasions but they still watch reality television.

It seems like there’s very little to have in common with a famous person, but for a passionate few, we can relate. There are A-list celebrities, Oscar winners, and people we only see on the screens in front of us who are just as crazy about Bravo shows as we are.

Let’s take a look at a few famous names that would be starstruck if they saw someone like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards in person. Yes, outside of Teddi Mellencamp, these people do exist.

Julia Roberts / Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

I think we can agree Julia Roberts is extremely famous. Star of Pretty Woman. Erin Brockovich won her the Oscar. For me, she will forever be Shelby from Steel Magnolias and I will exclaim, “Drink your juice Shelby!” for the remainder of my life. Julia is also a Real Housewives stan. Back in 2022, RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais was in Washington, DC. Julia was also in the district and ran into Garcelle. According to People, they had a brief convo where both apparently were in awe of the other. Julia told Garcelle she wanted to find her a date. Garcelle added Julia said she “needed a moment” when Garcelle appeared in front of her in the wild. In all fairness, seeing Garcelle in person would probably render most people speechless.

Nicki Minaj / Real Housewives Of Potomac

There are fans, super fans, and then there’s Nicki Minaj. When you love a show so much you actually wrangle your way onto a reunion set, you’ve surpassed a reasonable affection and entered dangerous territory. In July 2021 Nicki surprised the Real Housewives of Potomac cast by popping up during the Season 6 reunion taping. She grilled Gizelle Bryant in a way Andy Cohen had never even grilled a steak. She discussed music with Candiace Dillard, and held the cast accountable in her own special way. Nicki shared several photos of her big day on social media with the caption “Moment4Life.” Would love to know Nicki’s opinion on Juan Dixon’s roommate. Nicki could probably find out exactly what Robyn Dixon was thinking when she wanted people to pay her to spill the goods on Juan’s cheating. Please send Nicki back in so we can get the answers we truly need about this season.

Michelle Obama / Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Okay, there’s famous. And then there’s the former First Lady of the United States. It must be tiring, achieving so much in such a short amount of time. Being a role model for so many people. Shouldering huge responsibility with class and grace. Completely outside the realm of Real Housewives or any program featured on Bravo. That said, Michelle Obama is a fan. Last year The Jasmine Brand reported Michelle’s favorite shows to relax by are RHOP and Real Housewives of Atlanta. While she enjoys the crazy content, she can do without physical fighting. Michelle said, “Oh man you know, I wanna say Potomac…I just don’t like it when sisters are arguing with each other I just don’t like to see that on TV.” I’m sorry, it’s all I can do not to try and visualize the First Lady yelling about the condition of Chateau SheBroke from her White House bedroom.

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Elisabeth Moss / Literally Everything

I love an equal-opportunity trash tv watcher. Don’t bother me with a favorite, just give me everything and make it disgusting. You might know Elisabeth Moss from The Handmaid’s Tale. Perhaps you were obsessed with her on Mad Men. You might have been watching Elisabeth, but Elisabeth was watching Bravo. And she’s been in it for a minute, as seen by her social media. Back in 2013, Elisabeth appeared on Watch What Happens Live along with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga. In 2015 she admitted to Andy, “I live for Real Housewives reunions.” Hey, at least she’s not shy about it. Elisabeth could host reunions at this point, or at least fill in for Andy if he can’t make WWHL. Out of every franchise, she had a specific affection for Real Housewives of New York. I wonder if she is currently going through RHONY detox. This is the boots-on-the-ground soldier we need to get in there and find out what’s going on with production. Elisabeth, if you’re reading this, you know what has to be done.

Seth Rogan / Below Deck / Vanderpump Rules

By all accounts, Seth Rogan is a Below Deck sensei. This man went from Freaks and Geeks to major movie stardom. Along the way, he was sidetracked by the tantalizing lure of yachting. According to Seth, if you rent a yacht for entertainment, it makes you a “douchebag” or basically “a huge piece of garbage.” My goodness. Seth certainly has some strong feelings about our nautical programming. On an episode of WWHL, he told Andy, “Because that’s the moral of every episode, [it’s] like, they’re trying, they’re dressing up like f***ing idiots for these people, and then no one’s happy enough.” Welcome to Bravo, honey. There’s also a promo Seth shot for Vanderpump Rules. In 2015, the stars of the film The Night Before swallowed any chance of being taken seriously to shoot the opening credits of Pump Rules. You’ll see Avenger Anthony Mackie, Ilana Glazer, and Jillian Bell in the clip. If you have never seen this before, stop what you’re doing. Give yourself a five-minute break, and watch this. Bonus moment of Seth with Jax Taylor. You’re welcome.


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