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Most Memorable Siblings Of Real Housewives

The Real Housewives franchise focuses on an ensemble group of (allegedly) wealthy women. Their lives are documented for our entertainment, but there’s more to life than a singular cast member. Sometimes viewers get a bonus family member who isn’t a part of the main cast. A relative who unofficially stands as a “friend of” character. Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are delighted by the husbands who often seem to have their own side show going. And then we have… the siblings.

Not the siblings you’re forced to film with a la Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice. I’m talking about family members who are along for the ride because their sister is on television. Friends won’t ride for you as hard as your direct relative unless you are on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s take a look at some memorable siblings we’ve met on our Bravo journey.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Cynthia Bailey And Malorie Bailey-Massie

One of the tensest weddings we’ve ever witnessed is from Real Housewives of Atlanta. When Cynthia Bailey married Peter Thomas, Cynthia’s mom and sister were not feeling the bonds of holy matrimony. In essence, Peter wasn’t a genius with money and had already taken borrowed large amounts from his bride-to-be. Cynthia’s sister, Malorie Bailey-Massie made several appearances on RHOA over the years, but her performance on Cynthia’s wedding day was some grade-A content.

Along with Cynthia’s mom, they “misplaced” the happy couple’s wedding license, which would render the ceremony null and void. At the last minute, the license was “found” and Cynthia went on to marry Peter under the bones of a dinosaur. In 2011 Cynthia said, “I love Peter, and he loves me. Our relationship is not perfect, because we are not perfect. We don’t not always agree on everything, but we have each other’s back 100%. He pushes me and I push him. Our love is not based on money or materialistic things. We have both had plenty of that. I choose love over money every time.” Should have listened to Mal on that one.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey / Kathy Wakile And Rosie Pierri

When another relative Teresa hates joined the show, her sister came along for the ride. Tre’s cousin Kathy Wakile came in to steal Teresa’s thunder because according to Teresa, her family is fame and fortune hungry. Currently, the only person in Teresa’s immediate family to do jail time for being greedy is… Teresa and her ex-husband. Anyfraud, Kathy joined RHONJ in Season 3. As much as Teresa whined about family, her family was the last people she wanted to be around. But that’s okay because Kathy eventually won over Caroline Manzo and found there were people in the cast who would film with her.

Because this particular franchise centers around FAMILY, viewers met Kathy’s sister Rosie Pierri. At the time, Rosie was a breath of fresh air. She was no-nonsense. She took no crap from Teresa. And Rosie enjoyed a wholesome relationship with Joe Giudice that was a pleasure to watch. Often the comedic relief, Rosie would sit in the interview chair while sucking down some Scotch. RHONJ hasn’t seen Rosie since Kathy left the show because they were wished to the cornfield.

Real Housewives Of Miami / Joanna Krupa And Marta Krupa

Real Housewives of Miami is a show with a past. Before there was the RHOM you know now, there was the RHOM of yore. In Season 2, or as we like to call it, RHOM *BR (before reboot), Joanna Krupa appeared as a vision and joined the cast. Much to the dismay of Adriana de Moura. Joanna was a model and animal rights activist. A lot of her storyline revolved around a frustrating relationship with her fiancé and a strained relationship with her sister, Marta Krupa.

Marta might have been wide-eyed, but you got the feeling she wasn’t all that innocent. Aside from the lingering sexual tension that was often in place when Joanna’s fiancé Roman Zago and Marta shared a scene, Marta had no qualms about sharing her secrets with many. In a party scene where Marta may or may not have been heavily intoxicated and unaware of the words coming out of her mouth, she unloaded a previous sexual tryst with Joe Francis. You have to be incredibly sure of your station in life before admitting to that kind of potentially harmful information. We never saw Marta when Joanna left after only two seasons. I’m sure we can all join together and hope her future choices were a lot more considerate than her past.

Real Housewives Of New York / Leah McSweeney And Sarah McSweeney

What is happening with Real Housewives of New York? Did Jill Zarin really blow RHONY Legacy to hell all by herself? We need answers and no one is really talking about it. I am seeing some of the new RHONY ladies in the media, so I guess that’s positive. One cast member we won’t see ever again is the infamous Leah McSweeney. Man, Leah’s fall from grace was fast and it was impressive. She came in and took over, somehow managing to charm Ramona Singer. But her second season was a complete fail.

Fans learned a lot about Leah’s very interesting life and we also got to meet her very interesting sister. Sarah McSweeney showed up a lot, which gave Ramona a sad face. Sarah and her bangs got on Ramona’s nerves after being invited on several outings. Also, Sarah and Leah were paramount in the revelation of Ramona’s penchant for not using a restroom when she felt a knock at the back door. There was a very brief talk about Sarah joining the show, but Leah didn’t last long enough for that to come to fruition.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Porsha Williams And Lauren Williams

I’ll say it. I miss Porsha Williams on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I know Porsha eventually became the epitome of extra, but she was such a huge part of the show. This woman gave much of her life to reality television because she understood the game and she understood the assignment. Porsha’s family was always extremely important to her. During Porsha’s more personally trying times, we always saw Lauren Williams show up.

Porsha and Lauren were the real deal. Their relationship on camera appeared to be honest and truly one of the more pleasurable family interactions to watch. Now that both ladies are moms to little girls, I can only imagine it has deepened their already sturdy bond. Lauren did not handle people coming for her sister very well. She excused Kenya Moore from a surprise party for mocking Porsha’s Black Lives Matter participation. But Lauren would also check Porsha when she was acting out of pocket. Porsha repeatedly refers to her sister as her ride or die and Lauren has definitely earned that title. We could all use a little sister like Lauren.


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