Lisa Vanderpump Talks Farrah Abraham’s Party Crash, Erika Jayne’s Marriage, David Foster’s Joke, And More On WWHL

Lisa Vanderpump and Hoda Kotb are Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight.

Andy brings up the ignorant comment David Foster made to Lisa following Yolanda Foster‘s explant surgery: “Ken has better tits than her now… bigger.” Lisa defends David, saying, “I think David tries to make light of everything and he was just kind of throwing some levity into what has been a pretty depressing situation.”

On whether or not David and Yolanda‘s split took her by surprise, Lisa says, “I didn’t see it coming. Not at all. I was absolutely blindsided by that. There was a lot of ‘my love’ and I know it’s been challenging for sure but I’m really sad to see it because I love them together as a couple.”


Hoda, who’s friends with Bethenny Frankel, weighs in on Bethenny judging Erika Jayne‘s video. “When Bethenny has an opinion, she tells you. When she was having that conversation, I thought, that’s how she rolls.”

Andy reads Bethenny‘s tweet on the subject:

Bethenny Frankel and Erika Jayne

Lisa reminds us, “No, I defended Erika!”

A caller asks why Lisa gave Erika a hard time about the age of her husband, Tom Girardi, when she, too, is younger than her husband. “I don’t think I was hard on her,” shares Lisa. “I was just surprised. I mean, it’s a much bigger age difference than ours, it’s something like 34 years. <Lisa and Ken are 16 years apart> I was just playing with her and I was surprised. I’ve met him – absolutely adore him – and I see what the attraction is now. He’s a great guy.”

Lisa answers random questions about the Vanderpump Rules cast:

How do you feel about Jax Taylor stealing from SUR? “Oh come on, he’s had a candle and a couple of bottles.”

Who has the healthiest relationship – Shay and Scheana, Tom and Katie, or Tom and Ariana? “I would say Katie and Schwartz.”

How long do give Jax and Brittany‘s relationship? “Not long. It should be done by now.”

Was Stassi Schroeder sincere when she congratulated Tom and Katie? “Probably not. I don’t think Stassi’s ever really sincere.”

How do you feel about Lala and Faith being almost naked in your pool? “I wasn’t there. They’re young pretty things enjoying themselves.”

Why are the girls so into Jax and James? “I don’t really understand that. I think they’re bad boys and I think women are attracted to bad boys.”

What did Lisa think of James and Lala‘s behavior on Watch What Happens Live? “They were absolutely terrible. I hold them over the coals.” To Andy, she adds, “I think you should get them back here – but not to sit in this chair. I think you should make them clean the toilets or scrub the floors.”

Lisa continues, “James was very rude about Jax and totally unfair. I absolutely kicked their butts from here to breakfast time. I was very upset with them because it was embarrassing. They’re representing the show. They were out of order.”

When a caller mentions the “pregnant donkey with the lame leg,” Lisa defends her decision to not adopt her, “It wasn’t a pregnant donkey. It was a slightly overweight miniature horse that was compromised. I felt it was better to leave it with the experts.”

Last night on Teen Mom, we saw Farrah Abraham attempt to crash the White Party featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last week. One of Farrah’s business partners invited Farrah, then the party organizers were like, “Yeah, no. She’s too controversial.” So, Farrah being Farrah, she decided crashing the party would be the best way to teach the “bullies” a lesson on how to be classy and mature. Farrah was promptly escorted out.

Lisa insists she 1) didn’t control the guest list and 2) was oblivious to the drama as it happened. “I had no control over the guest list,” she says. “I am not absolving myself from responsibility, but it was BELLA’s party. I was brought in. I had no knowledge she was even there. Mind you, I wouldn’t know her if she sat on my lap, to be honest. I don’t know her.”

Andy and Hoda both cringe at the thought of Farrah on their lap.

Lisa brings up another reality star who unsuccessfully tried to crash the same party. “I could only wave to Jill Zarin across the fence; everything was guarded,” says Lisa, confirming the people in charge would not let Jill in. “She should have been there, but not that the pregnant teen whatever.”

A caller asks Lisa about the mention of Yolanda and Munchausen syndrome. “That was a very difficult situation, when Lisa [Rinna] brought that up. She had just been listening to gossip,” says Lisa. “I don’t really think any of us have ever thought that Yolanda was faking Lyme disease – absolutely not. She was just kind of bringing up this thing, that was the talk around town. She was repeating it, and she regretted it.”

Does Lisa feel the questions she asked Eileen Davidson about her marriage were too intrusive? “I think so now that I’ve seen her reaction, but at the time, it was part of a bigger conversation. I feel bad. I apologized for asking too many questions. I wasn’t exposing anything. It’s been talked about on the show. I just didn’t know she had been married three times.”

Poll – Whose side are you on: Lisa or Eileen?

Lisa – 54%
Eileen – 46%


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