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Erika Jayne Requests Gag Order On Embezzlement Case With Estranged Husband Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne is getting an interesting edit thus far on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If I were the type of person who analyzes such things, and to be clear, I am the type of person who analyzes such things, I would almost say production is teasing the viewing audience. Right now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of Season 11 and about to witness the Haus of Girardi, where they “communicate through costume” for the reasonable price of 40 grand a month, collapse.

Poor EJ thought it was depressing to eat dinner with Tom Girardi every night… Karma Life has a way of throwing curveballs into plans and watching Tom eat steak was about to start sounding pretty good. Legal battles fans have been discussing for months are about to get an honorary diamond, and the media is all over Tom and Erika’s downfall. Now we learn Erika is concerned about “sensitive information” being leaked amid the trials. So the person who has previously faulted others for not being open, is requesting a gag order.

Probably a smart move on Erika’s part. A gag order is issued by a court to restrict the good stuff information about a legal case being made public. Estranged husband and former lawyer Tom is embroiled in numerous, disturbing cases involving embezzling funds from clients. Most often, the winning monetary amount awarded to Tom’s clients may or may not have gone to record music you have never heard of. Erika has been named in a particular case involving plane crash victims. Everyone is talking about it, but attorney Ronald Richards shares information regarding Erika and Tom on the Twitter (along with 9 million other people), and it appears to be annoying Erika. Now, after months of an aloof attitude and seemingly ignoring any basis of civility on social media, Erika wants to limit further damaging info from coming out.

According to Radar Online, Erika’s attorney filed a motion stating, “Erika hereby requests that this Court restrict Mr. Richards from making any further extrajudicial comments about these proceedings. This is necessary to ensure the fairness of the judicial process and to ensure that Mr. Richards complies with his ethical obligations under the California Rules of Professional Conduct.” The widows and orphans would like to note it would have been cool if Mr. Girardi had taken the ethical obligations under the California Rules of Professional Conduct into account as well.


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Erika is further intimidated irritated by Ronald’s committed interest in her troubles alleging, “the lawyer has posted nearly 300 times” about the case. Did I miss the part where Ronald admitted to forcing Erika to work on a televised reality show and voluntarily reveal anecdotes about her life in exchange for a check? If Erika is now so interested in privacy, will her next call be to Evolution begging to edit her out of every scene scheduled to air this season?

A trustee wants the presiding judge to allow him to hire Ronald to investigate EJ’s assets. You too can investigate EJ’s assets by her never-ending scantily clad photos on Instagram. Erika’s camp cited a conflict of interest and opposes this appointment because Ronald represents another party who is going after her in court. The trustee involved with the prosecution responded to the gag order saying it was “improperly raised” and “completely irrelevant to the standard set forth in the Application.” The trustee requested the court to deny the request and allow Ronald to be hired so he can begin investigating EJ.

To put it simply, if she were Erika Chahoy quietly living in Atlanta and being sued for embezzlement, people wouldn’t give a flip. But Erika C. left town with stars in her eyes and Erika Jayne wanted a heavily-poured shot of an intoxicating life with fame and fortune. Well, here it is. Drink up.


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