NeNe Leakes

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Alum NeNe Leakes’ Most Memorable Feuds

It’s time to peruse memorable Real Housewives fights and feuds! There are a plethora of Bravo subjects from which to glean such unsavory actions, so we’ll start with an OG. Linnethia Monique “NeNe” Leakes, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and current fodder for tabloids. NeNe was a Bravo icon, a legend, and now, a memory. Let’s begin!

NeNe vs Kim Zolciak

Back to RHOA Season 1. We met NeNe and  Kim Zolciak-Biermann. They were close at first, but Kim’s sketchy relationship with a married man made NeNe feel some type of way. The first reunion blessed the fandom with, “Close your legs to married men!” making NeNe famous. Narrator: But that classic phrase would not age well for NeNe… Season 3 NeNe and Kim almost got physical after NeNe accused Kimbo of treating her assistant Sweetie Hughes like a slave. It looked like their relationship would be rekindled, but it simply wasn’t to be.

NeNe vs Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan joined RHOA in Season 7, and wasn’t afraid of NeNe. In 2015 the cast visited Puerto Rico and I’m not sure Puerto Rico has recovered. NeNe and Claudia engaged in an epic read-off that probably still haunts NeNe at night. During a dinner, NeNe insinuated Claudia is a lapdog to Kenya Moore, and then Claudia opened the library. Some entertaining moments include complimenting NeNe on her career by reminding her the NBC show was axed. Claudia made sure to highlight NeNe’s former gig as an exotic dancer, not that there’s anything wrong with it. Then Claudia came after NeNe’s hair. “When you were my age, you had edges,” OH MY. And this unforgettable reference, “It looks like ramen noodles uncooked on her head!” Then NeNe called Claudia a half-breed and a whore. Kandi Burruss once said Claudia read NeNe like Hooked on Phonics. It might be why we never saw Claudia again after that season ended.

NeNe vs Kenya

In Season 5 NeNe and Kenny started friendly, but kind of side-eye friendly. Again a man seemed to be the root of the “first fight”. Remember her allegedly Fake Boyfriend Walter Jackson? After Kenya and Fake Walter broke up, NeNe invited him to her second nuptials with Gregg Leakes and Kenya was appalled. They disagreed again when a physical altercation broke out at NeNe’s incredibly strange pajama party. Both took breaks from the show but anger returned in Season 11 when Kenya dared to attend a Cynthia Bailey party whilst pregnant. NeNe called her a water buffalo and it was downhill from there. NeNe was clearly dealing with something in Season 12 and she and Kenya almost threw hands during a Toronto trip. NeNe must hate traveling because the cast also flew to Greece and she felt the need to spit Kenya’s way during a war of words. These two probably share a mutual respect for each other and allegedly Kenya supports a NeNe return to the show.

NeNe vs Cynthia

NeNe and Cynthia developed a friendship in Season 3 that was sealed with a Best Friends Contract, which was weird then and is still weird now. Bumps in their relationship appeared after NeNe christened Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas a bitch (she wasn’t wrong). For the most part Cynthia was NeNe’s strongest ally until she dared to get along with the rumored to return Kenya, and that unsightly hot mic moment. Tons of ugly stuff went down on social media and NeNe did not hold back her ire. She posted on Instagram after the Season 12 reunion to make it clear that she didn’t dislike Cynthia, but wouldn’t consider her anything more than a co-worker.

NeNe vs Andy Cohen

NeNe battled everyone on her cast but fumbled the ball when she said things about the boss that can’t be taken back. In 2020 NeNe was fired officially left RHOA. Andy Cohen interviewed Wendy Williams and to say NeNe wasn’t pleased would be an understatement. NeNe proceeded to burn every bridge known to man by calling Wendy a coke whore, calling Andy a racist, and melting down on Twitter. In early 2022, NeNe filed a lawsuit accusing Bravo and Andy of failing to confront racism. This suit also named Kim Zolciak but failed to mention the Claudia Jordan half-breed comment.

NeNe has not been asked back to participate in any Bravo franchise offering at this time. She is currently enjoying another feud, NeNe vs Pissed Off Wife. After Gregg Leakes passed away from cancer, NeNe found herself involved with a new man who does not have a new divorce. This is what happens when we don’t take our own advice.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]