Watch What Happens Live Holiday Bash

The Bravo network really is the gift that keeps on going. No one is more aware of that than the king of Bravo himself, Andy Cohen, who blessed us all with an amazing, holiday themed episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Andy dubbed the night 12 Doorbells of Christmas. The guests were everything – for the most part. I won’t point out who I wasn’t as excited to see (since it should be pretty obvious), but I can’t help getting pumped for any Bravolebrity if I’m being honest.

First up was Erika Jayne, who was definitely not channeling the lawyer’s wife Erika Girardi, with her unconventional Christmas ensemble. Then again, she was wearing a blazer, so the look could be considered an Erika Jayne & Erika Girardi hybrid.

Andy told the self-proclaimed Pretty Mess, “You’re in the new Paper Magazine. I love it. What was your husband’s reaction to it?” Erika said, “Why is everybody having such a meltdown? It’s art. It’s Paper Magazine.” And let’s be honest, Tom Girardi didn’t take issue with the alter ego, the catsuits, the lyrics, the dance moves, or anything else she does, so why would this photo shoot bother him? This is pretty tame in terms of Erika Jayne’s antics. He either didn’t care or he totally loves it. Either way, he’s not losing any sleep over this one.

Kyle Cooke was the next one to ring the doorbell. Andy shared, “I’m very excited about the new season of Summer House.” Kyle admitted, “So am I. And terrified.” Andy confirmed, “You should be.” And now I’m excited for Summer House.

Kim Zolciak sat next to Erika and Andy pointed out, “Our two recording artists from Bravo.” Kim was so excited to see Erika that she admitted, “I’m like starstruck, Andy Cohen.”

Then Gizelle Bryant popped in, which prompted Andy to share, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it, but I saw the first episode of Potomac the other day. It is great!” Let’s hope so. Season 2 was definitely better than Season 1, but I still need more from this show to feel like I am truly invested.

Then Andy had his best idea yet: A Kim Zolciak and Erika Jayne duet. Kim said, “I would love to do it, but like give it my all this time.” Does this mean that she did not actually give her all when she recorded “Tardy for the Party” or “Google Me” back in the day? Color me shocked. These two have my seal of approval for the duet though. I just hope that means they do a music video as well. The GIFs and memes would be endless. I am all in on this idea – not that my opinion matters, but if it did, they have my full support.

It wouldn’t be a Bravolebrity gathering if Sonja Morgan didn’t stop by the clubhouse. Andy said, “Sonja, you look great. You look like you’ve lost a little weight since I saw you last. You’re so thin. I don’t want you to get too thin.” That last part was probably better for a one-on-one conversation away from a camera crew. Sonja didn’t seem fazed by the comment. She just told him, “Well, OK. Some like ’em fat and some like ’em thin.”

Then Andy introduced a “Frost the Shademan” graphic and a round of shade-inducing questions. Kim was asked to share three nice things about Kenya Moore and she said, “Hair, hair, hair.” That is quite the extensive list – a lot of variety there. Erika kept it nice by interjecting, “She does have pretty hair. ” She also added, “You know, I like her.” Say what you want about Erika, but she is a good friend – when someone she cares about is not in the room, she has her back against the shade. This is giving me flashbacks of Erika defending Yolanda Hadid (then Foster) during her first season as a Housewife in response to those Munchhausen accusations.

Later in the show, Erika told Kim, “I’m friendly with Kenya. That’s between you two.” Kim just remarked, “That’s nice.” Sonja added, “I’m friendly with Kenya.” Gizelle also threw in a “Me too.” Kim looked pretty uncomfortable wedged in the middle of the Kenya Moore fan club.

Kyle was asked, “Which Real Housewife would you want to ‘sleigh’ this Christmas?” Andy translated that to, “Out of all of the Housewives, who are you most attracted to?” It’s hard for me to picture Kyle watching any Bravo show that he’s not a part of, so I had no idea what to expect from his answer. He explained, “Well, I’m a little bit of a bad with names guy. I know Bethenny Frankel. She’s a great business woman. I would probably cozy up right next to her.” That was a surprising answer, but a good choice nonetheless.

Then Jax Taylor made his second clubhouse appearance this week. When he walked in, Kim muttered something, prompting Andy to ask, “Kim, what did you just say about Jax?” Kim revealed, “I just know that Brielle [Biermann] and him have talked.” Did they talk or did they “talk”?

Gizelle asked if they “kissed or something” and they both said no. Jax told Kim, “I love your daughter. She’s really sweet.” Kim responded with, “Yeah, she thinks the same about you.”

Of course, Andy asked, “How would you feel if Brielle started dating Jax?” Erika jumped in with an immediate, “No,” before she added, “I don’t even know Jax, but I just know Jax.” Kim said, “Same, but Brielle runs a tight ship, sweetie. I wouldn’t be too worried.”

Andy had the ladies play a game called Ho Ho Ho where they shared their opinions on some of Jax and Kyle’s antics. At one point he asked, “What are your thoughts on a guy that cheats on his girlfriend by having sex while an old lady is sleeping adjacent to you?” Gizelle declared, “Hell no,” which isn’t a shocking reaction to an incident like that. On the other hand, Kim remarked, “I think that’s fine.” Erika said, “That’s not that bad.” Really? Maybe they didn’t hear the part about cheating and they were just focusing on the old lady aspect.

Then Margaret Josephs and her national treasure of a mother Marge Sr. showed up to enjoy a holiday edition of Sonja’s burlesque act.

She told Andy, “It’s more cab than burlesque,” and it was absolutely everything. It couldn’t be described as “dancing,” but Sonja had a boa and said a lot of holiday-infused sexual innuendos. At one point, she mooned Andy and Erika had such a strong reaction that she dropped to the floor and said, “Oh my god. Did everybody see that? Oh my god.” If Erika is shocked, then the performance is definitely outrageous.

Sonja even ended it with this line: “All I want for Christmas is my missing front tooth.” AMAZING.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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